Tips to buy a Gold Diamond Ring

Tips to buy a Gold Diamond Ring


Rings are a loved belonging. Today, rings are worn not exclusively to own a design expression and display individual tastes, yet in addition for unique reasons, for example, a statement of adoration or a gift on an event.

Rings are intended to suit your style be it a Diamond, Pearl, Gemstone White Gold or silver and so on. The combination of Gold and diamond makes it allthemore beautiful. Read on to know things to consider while buying a gold diamond ring.

1.Know the 4Cs

The main tip for purchasing a precious gold diamond ring is to know the 4Cs: Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat Weight. Made by GIA, the 4Cs are the worldwide standard for evaluating the nature of jewels and enable you to contrast one precious stone with another.

2.Consider new shapes

Before you consider buying a gold diamond ring, you should comprehend the difference between the stone’s shape, its cutting style and its cut quality. Shape portrays a diamond’s representation when seen face up. The main-stream shape used is round. Be that as it may, there are different shapes—known as extravagant shapes— like marquise, pear, oval, square shape, square and heart.

3.Pick side stones

Side stones are an amazing method to spruce up a ring. They bring a dash of polish, making a look that is basically modern. If you want to complement the middle stone, opt for tiny stones which surround it.

4.Take a gander at a jewel under various lighting conditions

Sunshine, candlelight, fluorescent lighting, spot lighting – a jewel appears to be unique under different lighting conditions. The reason: A diamond’s aspects behaves like minute mirrors, mirroring their environment. Any change makes it reflect light onto one another, producing flashes of colors and lights. When purchasing a gold diamond ring, be sure to take a gander at it under these four diverse lighting conditions to see how it looks.

5.Get the most shimmer and size

For diamonds with similar clarity and color, the cut is in charge of the stone’s shine

  6.Get proper certification

Since a gold diamond ring is an expensive purchase, make sure you buy it from a jeweler you trust. Ask him for a grading report which will let you know the quality of the diamond used and will also tell you if the color of the diamond has been changed or enhanced.

7.Plan a budget   

The myth that it takes three month’s salary to buy a ring has been broken and does not have much merit. Learn the 4 C’s, do comparison shopping, and purchase a ring that fits your budget. In the end its not how much you spent on the ring, but how it looks!

After going through the above article, you must have gotten a basic idea about how to get hold of the right ring! A perfect ring will not only earn you a fair wow or two from your peers but also elevate your perceived taste. So, hurry and get your ring today!