Benefits Of Buying A Hatchback

Benefits Of Buying A Hatchback


In today’s age, owning car represents a lot of things, including but not limited to: a sense of pride, a growing social authority, and an indication of increasing prosperity and status. But does the choice of a car that you go for matter? Does opting for a sedan or a hatchback matter? Well, sometimes it does.

Although sedans have remained popular in U.S and many other countries, hatchbacks are continually gaining favor, particularly when it comes to the compact car segment. This is because a hatchback comes with a plethora of benefits that can hardly be found in other vehicle categories.

Before delving into much details, it is vital to understand the difference that exist between a hatchback and a sedan. Basically, a hatchback is a passenger car with a rear door that can be opened upwards, allowing you to reach the cargo area at once. Its roof doesn’t meet the vehicle’s boot. A good number of hatchbacks’ rear seats can also be folded when not in use to provide extra storage space. On the other hand, a sedan is a conventional passenger car with a roof that slopes down to a cargo area or boot that’s separate from the passenger cabin.

Now that you understand the difference between the two types of cars, let’s get to some of the top benefits that you stand to gain when you opt for a hatchback instead of a sedan:


One of the top unique selling points of hatchbacks is space. Although they are typically more compact, their designs still allow them to fit a great deal of cargo. For one, the trunk and the back seat are connected with almost the same roof height. Secondly, the rear seatback in virtually all hatchbacks can be folded down, allowing you to expand the cargo space to fit more than what is possible with a sedan. The cargo space is enough to fit even your newly purchased bedframe!


Generally, the maneuverability capabilities come with the compact size; however, there are several aspects that are worth noting. If you’ve driven a SUV or a truck, you can confirm that a few can be some kind of a bear to drive. Negotiating tight turns can at times be a nightmare and trying to pull them into a parking lot can come with a lot of anxiety. On the contrary, weaving a hatchback in and out of traffic or negotiating corners is easier, making them extremely fun to drive. This is because hatchbacks are shorter and have shorter bonnets, which makes it a lot easier to clearly see where they “end”. Again, considering that hatches are more upright when compared to sedans, they have more glass area. Accordingly, you can see out the car more clearly due to bigger windows around you. Hatches also come with rear window wipers, which allow the driver to easily see through dust or rain to traffic behind when driving.

More Headroom for Rear Passengers

Hatchbacks offer higher rooflines compared to sedans, and allow you to not only accommodate taller passengers but to also haul bulky items easily. This means that your passengers will not slouch or hurt their necks, especially when you are travelling.

Less Expensive and Easier to Maintain

Generally, most hatchbacks are more affordable when compared to sedans. This is true considering that in developing countries, hatchbacks are sold more than sedans.

Hatches are also considered as idyllic car choice among the younger generations. Unlike sedans that come in specific shapes and limited color varieties, hatches boast of a wide range of color and style selection—from dazzling vibrant colors to more compact muscular styles and designs.

Most hatchbacks are also cited to offer excellent fuel efficiency, and are therefore, very friendly to solitary earners. This means that you can always drive for several kilometers on one tank, allowing you to save extra cash.

What’s more, hatches are less expensive to maintain and won’t dent much your monthly income. This is because hatches operate based on simple technology and mechanical breakdowns are limited. In fact, it is possible to do certain maintenance on your own without involving a mechanic. Hatches also have skinny tyres, which translates to cheaper tyre changes.

Better Resale values

Apparently, hatchbacks hold better resale values compared to SUVs and other large cars. According to many car sales experts, hatchbacks sell for at least 56 percent of their original values after 2-3 years, compared to 40 percent or less for larger cars. If it is your first car deal, opting to buy a hatch seems more realistic because you will still sell it at convincingly great price, and you can use the money to upgrade to a better car.

Perfect for Urban families

With spacious ambience, high fuel economy, easier maneuverability, and low maintenance cost, hatches are considered as a good bet for urban families. When you want to drop a spouse to a local store, dropping your children to school, or rushing to the office, a hatch will come in handy as it zips easily through crowded streets.

Easier to customize

Compared to sedans, hatchbacks are some of the vehicle types that can easily be customized with all the features that you can imagine.


When it comes to functionality, both hatchbacks and other types of vehicles can pretty serve their purpose—whether it is carrying your family or cargo. You can use both to transport four or even more people and load up your luggage for the long vacation. For some car models, prices and fuel economy for sedan and hatchbacks are not usually far apart. Accordingly, whether to pick a more traditional sedan car over a less common hatchback all boils down to your personal preferences—looks, brand loyalty, or function.

Nonetheless, when you consider aspects such as cabin space, compact size, maintenance cost, and value for money, then buying a hatchback is the best bet. If you don’t care about the highlighted features and happen to live outside in suburban areas, sedans could still work for you.

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