Floral Guide to Best Flowers for the Hot Climate of Qatar

Floral Guide to Best Flowers for the Hot Climate of Qatar


The Earth is full of various types of flora consisting of beautiful flowering plants that are grown in different climate, soil and water requirements. Due to the stark difference in the climate of one region of the Earth to another, the types of flowering plants that grow in these regions also have huge differences. Let us throw some light on the various types of flowers that grow and adapt well to the hot climate of the Qatar.

AmaranthusIt is also known as Amaranth and can grow up to a height of 18 inches to 6 feet tall with multiple colours. You can get its lovely flowers in the red, orange, gold, green and purple colours from any flower shop in Qatar. This amazing flower is resistant to wet soil, shade or transplanting for its better growth.

Cosmos Sulphureus- This annually growing flower can attain a height of 1 to 4 feet with its flower availability in warm colours such as scarlet, orange and yellow. The wonderful flower can easily grow from a seed and does not require a rich soil which can result in yielding few flowers. If you want to offer beautiful flowers on special occasions such as the birthday, marriage anniversary, farewell and other such events, you can send flowers to Qatar Doha and other such areas.

Celosia Spicata- The amazing flowering plant of wheat celosia can grow up to 2 to 4 feet in height with flowers ranging in the colours such as red, pink or purple. This annually growing flower makes for a superb floral arrangement in the form of fresh or dried flowers. It thrives well in hot soil and water conditions. If you want to surprise your dear ones in an amazing manner, you need to offer these lovely flowers through the help of any efficient flower delivery in Qatar, Doha and other areas.

Cleome Hassleriana- This spider flower grows about 3 to 5 feet in height and is available in rose, pink, purple and white colours. It can be easily grown from seed and can be self-sown for future seasons.

Cosmos Bipinnatus- The perennial flower blooms in the range of colours such as crimson, white and pink. It can easily grow from seed similarly to the Cleome Hassleriana and does not require a rich soil for its optimum growth.

Eschscholzia Californica- The extraordinary flower is known as the California Poppy and can attain the height of 6 to 15 inches. This beautiful flower is available in multiple colours such as red, pink, orange, yellow and cream. You need to grow this amazing flower directly through the seed as it does not tolerate the process of transplantation in a proper manner. It does not support rich or wet soil for its ideal growth and follows the process of deadhead periodically for continuous blooms.

So, visit any desired flower shop in Qatar and choose the beautiful blooms for your loved ones on special occasions or moments.

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