Safe Ship Moving Services Offers Valuable Insights Into Decluttering the House Before a Move


There would be a long list of things to do when planning to relocate to a new home.  To make things easier, one can always hire companies like Safe Ship Moving Services which specializes in coordinating interstate moves. Moving would be also the perfect time to declutter the home. It can save people time, money and energy on the whole. After all, the more stuff they have, the more money and time they would need to get them transported to the new home.

Safe Ship Moving Services discusses how to declutter before a move

A typical house where a family has been living for multiple years is likely to be filled with kitchenware, linens, photos, electronic devices and more. Hence, it would take quite some time to go through these items and decide what to keep, throw, sell and donate.  Decluttering a home can be both physically and mentally exhausting, and hence it would be a good idea to start early and take it slow. Decluttering can take multiple weeks, and getting a head start would make it easier for people to go through all the things carefully, and then determine what to pack and what to get rid of.

Following an organized approach is important when trying to declutter a house. It can be tempting to declutter a corner in the garage, a closet in the bedroom, and a few drawers in the kitchen, as per feasibility. However, to stay organized and systematic, it is always better to finish a single room before moving on to the next space. Tackling one room at a time would help better evaluate the overall effectiveness of the process. One must clearly look around the space and double-check to ensure that they have gotten rid of everything they possibly can from that room before moving on to the next.

It is unwise to start decluttering by going through mementoes, photographs and similar items. It is all too normal for people to spend longer going through treasured items. It tends to be harder to make decisions about things that are linked to strong emotions and memories, and can eventually make people feel overwhelmed. Hence, it is better to start decluttering with items that are easy to get rid of, like old utility bills or stained, ill-fitting clothing, damaged or broken goods, and so on. Doing so would help people to enjoy a sense of accomplishment and provide the motivation they need to keep going.

If a person lives with their family, they do not have to handle decluttering alone before a move. It is better for every member of the family, or at least the adults, declutter their own areas of the home.  Even kids should be encouraged to declutter their rooms. Parents can have the kids imagine their new bedrooms and consider whether their old toys and games will still have a place there. Getting rid of things that are not needed or used in a household, as well as hiring companies like Safe Ship Moving Services can significantly help in simplifying a move.