What if the Epoxy is peeling from the Live Edge Table?

Live Edge Table


Live edge tables which are defined by their rough edges have emerged as a popular furniture style among homeowners. Sometimes, these tables are coated with epoxy resin to increase their aesthetic appeal and also their longevity. However, what happens if the epoxy begins to peel? In this article, we will explain the reasons and ways of preventing and solving the problem of peeling epoxy on live edge tables.

Why the Epoxy is Peeling?

Epoxy peeling can be annoying especially if you have bought a beautiful live edge wood coffee table or a live edge walnut table. Peeling is characterized by detachment of the epoxy layer from the surface of the wood.

Some of the common causes of epoxy peeling include:

  • Poor Surface Preparation: If the wood surface is not cleaned and sanded properly before applying the epoxy, then it will not stick correctly.
  • Moisture: Wood moisture or the surrounding humidity can lead to epoxy peeling.
  • Improper Mixing: Failure to mix epoxy resin and hardener correctly can lead to poor adhesion.
  • Temperature Fluctuations: This is because when the epoxy is exposed to extreme temperatures the epoxy expands and contracts thus making it peel.

Prevention Strategies

Preventing epoxy peeling begins with preparation and application in this guide.

Proper Surface Preparation

When using epoxy, it is recommended that the wood surface should be clean, and dry, and should not contain dust. Smooth the surface so that it will have a rough feel to allow the epoxy to bond well. One can use a tack cloth to wipe off any remaining dust particles on the surface of the live edge walnut table.

Moisture Control

Determine the amount of moisture in the wood. Ideally, it should be below 12% to avoid such problems. To determine if the wood is dry, you should use a moisture meter. Also, do not work in areas of high humidity.

Correct Mixing and Application

Cut the epoxy resin and hardener according to the instructions given by the manufacturer. It can be disastrous if the ratios are distorted in the wrong way because it may affect the bond. When applying the epoxy, do so in thin coatings to reduce the chances of air bubbles and to also achieve an even surface of the live edge dining table.

Maintaining Stable Temperatures

The epoxy should be applied and cured at a relatively controlled temperature of about 60- 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Another is the effects of heat or cold on the curing process of the table; one should ensure that the table is not exposed to high temperatures or low temperatures.

Solutions for Peeling Epoxy

If the epoxy has started to peel, there are several steps you can take to repair and restore your live edge coffee table or live edge dining table:

Sanding and Reapplying Epoxy

  • Remove Peeling Sections: Using finer sandpaper, scuff up the raised epoxy until you get to the original wood surface.
  • Clean the Surface: Using a tack cloth, wipe off any dust and debris on the surface and let it dry.
  • Reapply Epoxy: To fix the dings, prepare a new portion of epoxy resin and hardener pour it over the sanded surface, and spread it evenly. It is allowed to cure according to the manufacturer’s recommendations or as stated on the product label.

Using a Heat Gun

Sometimes, the epoxy might not stick to the surface when applied and for minor peeling, a heat gun can sometimes reattach the epoxy. To do this, warm the area gently with a hot water compress and then use a roller or a cloth to press it back into shape. Ensure that you do not scorch the wood, this sometimes happens especially when the fire is left to burn for long.

Wrapping up

In the case of deep exfoliation, it may not be very wise to try to fix it on your own. Start to search for qualified personnel. Live edge table makers and repair experts who have dealt with epoxy tables understand how to complete the repair perfectly so that the beauty and strength of the tables are maintained.

We would suggest you shop only from a premium live edge furniture store to avoid such problems in the future. If you live in Delaware, OH, consider getting your next live edge table from Pathway Tables only to get quality products. You can always try to look for epoxy tables for sale to get great deals.