Best tailored suits for an edgy, sophisticated man

Best tailored suits for an edgy


In any man’s wardrobe nothing is more impressive than the suit. The suit is an essential piece of cloth in every man selections remaining the pinnacle of style for centuries. It gives men a sense of sophistication and edginess that other garments cannot.

One should choose a suit that fits perfectly while being trendy and stylish.  A suit should cut to every bump and curve and fit like a second skin.

Designing a suits is complicated and, predictably, the brands with experience tend to be the ones who’ve  known the best techniques and chosen the best fabrics.

There are few who don’t yearn for the day of owning a walk-in wardrobe filled with every type of suit.

Many well known men’s suit designers offer great choices straight off the rack.

Men, especially the modern man, are just like women when it comes to fashion trends, they always want to be updated on the upcoming trends. Read more Latest music online.

A suit is a must-have in every man’s collection of garments. Not only does it showcase personal style but also helps men leave an impression wherever they go. A man in a well-dressed and well fitted suit looks sharp  and edgy.

A suit is historically associated with elegance, authority, sophistication and mastery of a profession.

The standard suits can be spun off in many different ways From the fit to the fabric to the way it’s designed.

All men look mart in suits. As long as one find the right tailor that best fit his form, then the final outcome will be nothing but the best.

There are many types of suits namely the plain navy two-button suit, the plain grey two-button suit, the dark double-breasted suit, the dinner suit and the summer suit.

Nothing beats a faultlessly tailored suit on a man, so here is the best men’s suit brands to choose from.

This list discusses the top famous fashion houses of  men suits, including: Armani, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Hugo Boss, Thom Browne, Reiss.

Giorgio Armani is the best choice when it comes to a well tailored suit. He is the one who reintroduced the suit in the 1970s with a fluid drape and soft shoulder line. Its Soho suit has a tightened-up silhouette, that keep in line with today’s preference for lean fitting shapes.

There is also Ralph Lauren who has proven itself in the world of luxury fashion. Its Purple Label suits are the best examples of skillful craftsmanship and tailoring.

Also Reiss stands out when it comes to masterful cuts, high-quality fabrics and trendy design. The company has launched a “personal tailoring” option that allow the customers ability of fully customising their suits from the cut and the lining down to the stitching and the buttons.

There is DKNY as well which is known for urban sensibility and simplicity. Its Crosstown suit is the best option for an everyday suit which is designed to feel light on the shoulders as well as Maximising comfort and style.

A man can also choose a Thom Browne suit which is an American brand that make contemporary and stylish suits making them perfect for a day at the office or an elegant night out.

On the other hand, there is  Dunhill which is the answer to luxury bespoke men suits, the brand caters to customer’s personal needs creating a new pattern for each individual client.

Every man should have a Hugo Boss suit in his wardrobe which has become a top men’s luxury brand without the large price tag. Their suits and tuxedos are the go-to brand for men around the world.

Choosing perfect style in a suit has everything to do with finding the right brand that matches the personality of its wearer.