Advantages of TIG Welding

Advantages of TIG Welding


Tungsten Inert Gas welding or TIG is also technically known as GTAW welding or Gas tungsten arc welding. It is a popular arc welding procedure that requires the following welding consumables: tungsten electrodes, inert gas – helium or argon, and a ceramic cup.

GTAW welding consumes and requires less energy than other welding methods, and thus, makes it more versatile. It is widely used for welding thin sheets and sections of non-ferrous metals like, copper alloys, magnesium and aluminium as well as stainless steels.

Now that we have discussed a fair overview of tungsten inert gas welding, let’s discuss the advantages of GTAW welding at length.

Advantages of TIG Welding

GTAW welding gives the welder complete control, as compared to other arc welding techniques, like shielded metal arc welding or SMAW. It gives control over the current and the electrode as well, helping the welder create better quality as well as stronger welds.

Tungsten Inert Gas welding uses relatively less electric power or amperage. A lot of welders might find that to be a disadvantage, but it is contrary to that. It aids the welding process and the welder. How so? Higher amperage is ideal for thick pieces of metal – like bars that have thicker. It isn’t the best choice for thin pieces of metal. A lower amperage torch gives the welder leeway of welding thin pieces or sheets of metal and any other type or size that does not yield the best quality weld with higher amperages.

Amperage can be changed and modified as well. The presence of a foot mechanism helps too in doing so. This entire process or characteristic is helpful as with the change in the amperage, the welder can switch from thin metals to thicker metals and weld them both with equal level of perfection, without leaving any odd welding marks. It is thus, a lot more versatile as compared to other welding ways.

The GTAW welding torch or the welding machine is very small. It is like a pen. This comfort and ease of its size, renders it to be used for any purpose. Inert gases used: helium and argon also lets the welders be versatile. Argon is ideal for metals like steel, and titanium whereas helium is a good fit for stainless steel and copper.

GTAW welding or tungsten inert gas welding creates a very clean weld and does not leave it with an unfinished look. This saves the welder some time as well, as he does not have to clean up after the job is already done. It leaves them with more time to focus on the welding process itself than the aesthetics of it, as the aesthetics are already taken care of.

Before you choose which type of welding is the best choice for you, you should look into all types and their advantages, disadvantages and their applications. We hope this blog article did the same for tungsten inert gas welding, welding consumables and welding machinery required for it as well.

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