Other Student Aids To Prepare The NBCOT Exam

Other Student Aids To Prepare The NBCOT Exam



When it comes to being able to practice in most healthcare fields, there has to be a test passed. This test is what makes it clear to professionals in the field that you are ready for the job. These gatekeeping tests typically have common questions relating to the field. As well as more specialized information. These tests are intentionally difficult to ensure that the person who is about to be operating in a certain field knows exactly what they are doing. People can get very hurt if they have a therapist or doctor who is not well skilled. Here are some tips on the exam to become an Occupational Therapist.

What is the NBCOT Exam?

The NBCOT is the gatekeeping exam for the occupational therapy industry. If you are an aspiring occupational therapist then this is the test you have to take before you can legally practice. Along with passing this exam, you must also do typically at least four years of college and have a certain amount of on the job training. This training you can achieve via work studies or internships. NBCOT is one of the last steps. Your goal is to achieve as much information as possible throughout your studies.

Study Tools for the NBCOT

There is plenty of paper and online study tools to help you be better prepared for the exam. NBCOT exam prep is absolutely necessary because there is a bit of a difference and learning curve between doing the actual job and being able to take the test to do the job. The test makers make the test intentionally tricky to be sure that you are on your toes and know the information.

There is an NBCOT Examination Review Guide written by Caryn Johnson which is super great. It provides a great amount of information as well as potential test questions. It is a good starting point for preparing to take the exam.

There is also an NBCOT online exam prep course. It costs a few dollars but is well worth it. It has actual potential test questions and can work with you on the specific parts of OT work that is tripping you up. The online prep is great because it is malleable. It can shift based on questions you are missing and help you be better prepared in your least favorite OT subjects.

Test Taking Tips

There are a few basic test-taking tips that can help you be more successful when taking the NBCOT. One major one is to read each question super carefully. Watch out for words that are absolutes such as never or always. Typically these are attempting to trip you up because very rarely is life an absolute. Keep moving. It is tough when a test is timed to not get overwhelmed about the clock ticking. One great test-taking tip is to keep going. If you come to a question that completely overwhelms you and you have no idea, skip it and come back. The following questions may jog something in your memory to help you. These are just a few basic test-taking tips.


NBCOT exam prep does not need to be expensive or overwhelming. If you do your studies well, participate in your internships and study hard for the test then you should be more than prepared. Remember that the test passing rate for the NBCOT is over seventy percent. So you have a pretty good chance of being successful. Along with that, there are a few test-taking tips that can help you be more successful and more relaxed on test-taking day.