How to Protect Your Data from Hackers Attack

How to Protect Your Data from Hackers Attack


Along with the glossy sheen of the internet, the medium experiences a number of downfalls as well. One fine day, plenty of spam washed over all email account with computer viruses causing havoc on several business networks. With a terrifying criminal element emerged and infiltrated the computer and tricked you to reveal private data.

The hackers soon used their tactic to steal data and extract everything from the back account to the business secrets to even stealing your identity. Despite the danger, most of the businesses still need to rely on internet as a medium for performing most of their work. However, a number of solutions have come up that help in preventing the valuable data from the hackers. Let us explore few of the solutions here for an improved insight on restoring the resourceful data:

1.Make use of a firewall

The two distinct computer operating systems comprise of built-in firewalls, and software that are designed for creating a barrier between the information and the exterior world. Firewalls help in preventing unauthorized access to the business network while offers an alert whenever there is any possibility of an intrusion. The very first thing that needs to be done is to ensure that the firewall is enabled before you reach online. However, a hardware firewall can also be purchased from eminent companies. If you comprise of a large business, an additional business networking firewall needs to be purchased.

2.Install an antivirus software

Computer viruses and Trojans are everywhere on the internet. A number of antivirus programs immunize the computer against all kinds of unauthorized code which offers threatening to the operating system. Viruses have a number of effects which might be easy to be spotted. These might slow down the computer and cause a halt, and even can lead to deleting of key files.

The antivirus software plays an essential role towards the protection of the system and detects real-time threats and ensures safety of data. Some of the advanced antivirus programs offer automatic updates and protects the machine from several viruses which generates each single day. Some of the programs even offer automatic updates and protects the machine from new viruses which might generate every day. After installing an antivirus program, you should not forget to use it. Schedule or run regular scans to keep the computer completely free of virus.

3.Trust a reliable Wi-Fi

It is extremely important to stay safe on a public Wi-Fi. This is especially true when you are travelling and you often come across several unknown and new Wi-Fi zones. As a public Wi-Fi is less secure, than the private ones, hence you need to know which one to trust. Online users always should opt for your very own hotspot over a public connection. When you trust your own hotspot, you are securing your data without even knowing.

4.Take care of third-party permissions

We often tend to overlook the intricate and tiny details of the software installations on the devices. Although we think we know everything about our devices, however this is not always true. More often, we download a number of third party applications which are downloaded by users onto the devices. These are downloaded as certain permissions are always turned on without owner being aware of it. The permission giveaways make it highly accessible for everyone to dig deeper in the digital identity. Hence, automatic uploads; location services, public displays and data backup and other permissions should be set to red and not offered permission. Manage the settings especially when connected to cloud to secure the data from hackers.  Turn them off and manage them as you like.

5.Encrypt the data yourself

While backing up the data yourself, you need to ensure that you encrypt it yourself for securing it from hackers. Make your data unreadable to the hackers and encrypt the entire hard drive, a section of the hard drive, a part of the hard drive. It might look quite technical and require expertise technical skills; however it is easier than it sounds. With the help of a number of free disk encryption programs, users can provide decryption password. Encrypting the files require freeware program and can protect the entire archive using a password.

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