Why is your UK Spouse Visa getting rejected?

Why is your UK Spouse Visa getting rejected?

The United Kingdom immigration service is the most transparent government organization in the world. Most of the visa applications received to the immigration department are spouse visa application. The temporary employees will marry the U.K citizen to get a permanent visa. The marriage will be dissolved by the mutual partners after the citizenship approval. This is the reason the rule economic threshold is enforced by the home department. Your spouse has to pass the A2 English Test to get a permanent visa in the U.K. You have to look for a2 English test fee for speed registration to get a visa without any denial. The following are the reasons for the denial of a U.K. spouse visa.

Applying for the wrong Visa

You have to wait for 2 years after the marriage to apply for the spouse visa. You must not apply for the spouse visa before marriage. For the spouse visa, one of the couples should be the legal resident of the U.K. The marriage should be registered between couples before the authorized witnesses. The marriage should take place in the church. The invitation of the marriage should be submitted along with the visa applications. The failure of any one of the mandatory conditions will lead to the refusal of visas. When you are engaged to the non-U.K. Citizen. Your couple should apply for the fiancé visa. Applying to the wrong visa type will lead to immediate refusal. You have to conduct your marriage in the U.K when you are applying for a fiancé visa.

Insufficient Relationship Evidence

Most of the visa applications fail because of insufficient relationship evidence. You have to produce the authenticated marriage certificate before applying for the visa. The proof of living with your spouse should be provided before applying for a visa.

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The reason for establishing the relationships to be explained clearly. The explanation should be relevant to the spouse’s explanation. The communication evidence should be texts, calls, emails, or any other kind of digital and physical. The failure in any of the above procedures will result in the denial of an application.

Failure to meet the financial requirements

The economic support should be arranged before applying for the visa. You must arrange for sufficient funds from your contacts before applying for the visa. The funds should meet the limit as prescribed by the immigration department. There are lots of banks providing loans for the financial support for a spouse visa; you can also opt for it.

Lack of Language Proficiency

Clearing certain authorized level in the English test shows their interest in the U.K. You should ask your spouse to take up the A2 English Test. There should be a very decent score in the test to avoid denial of visas. You should look for a2 English test fee for allocating funds for the exam.

Final Words

The spouse visa should be applied before the expiry of temporary citizenship. The spouse visa should be applied when one of the couples should be a permanent citizen. The spouse visa should be applied after two years of marriage.