Some of the Interesting Facts about the English Language

Some of the Interesting Facts about the English Language


English is a fascinating language with many historical as well as language facts. We have compiled some of the most renowned truths that most English learners will find interesting. They are as follows:

One of the 20 Languages Which is Most Spoken Globally

English is the primary language of communication for 339 million people across the globe. Also, it is the second language for 603 million people. Moreover, 67 countries have English as their official language. In addition to this, English is also an official language for 27 non-sovereign countries. Technically, not all US states hold English as their official communication language; however, most people speak it. The USA is composed of people from different cultures and backgrounds who talk in their native language.

Most English Words are Either Derived from Old English or French

History showcased the 1066 Norman Conquest when French became the most commonly used language by the British nobility. On the other hand, Old English became a standard language of communication among the lower classes and peasants at the same time. Old English consists of words from the Germanic vocabulary. During this period, inter-marriages cultivated the rise of Middle English that was a mix of both Old English and French.

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English words derived from French are considered more sophisticated or formal, whereas those from Old English are regarded as informal. For example, the term “commence” comes from the French word “commencer.” Meanwhile, the word “begin is derived from “beginnan,” a Germanic word. Commence is considered a more formal word than begin, even though both of them mean “to start.” Two of the closest languages to Modern English are West Flemish and Dutch.

English Spelling and Grammar Rules Follow a Standard

The spelling and grammar rules of English follow the 1755 Dr.Johnson’s Dictionary standards. It is one of the most famous dictionaries that took eight years to complete and was the first comprehensive proof of the English lexicon. The compilation of words in the documentation of the dictionary required the assistance of six helpers. The first publication consisted of 40,000 words.

Shakespeare Added More than 1000 Words to the English Dictionary

Shakespeare was a popular English playwright, poet, and actor of his time and is still known today. He wrote more than new words in his Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and other plays. Some of them include addiction, bedazzled, cold-blooded, swagger, arch-villain, assassination, belongings, and dishearten. Others include eventful, eyeball, fashionable, half/hot-blooded, inaudible, ladybird, manager, multitudinous, new-fangled, pageantry, uncomfortable, and scuffle. These words are still a part of plays, speeches, and messages.

The Longest English Word Has 45 Letters

‘Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis’, a lung disease caused by the intake of fine silica dust is the lengthiest English word comprising 45 letters. The ‘Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia’ is the second longest word in English and means “long words.”

English is the Official Language of Pilots

All communication messages across the globe are done in the English language. Both pilots and flight attendants respond to their message and formal communications in English apart from their native-speaking language.

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So learning english language has many benefits and one can learn the same easily with an online english speaking partner.