Learn About the GPA Requirements for Eligibility in A Graduation Course

Learn About the GPA Requirements for Eligibility in A Graduation Course


GPA is one of the major requirements to secure admission in a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree program. In this article, we will tell you about the calculation of GPA, and its requirements to enroll in a graduation course.

What is the GPA?

A Grade Point Average is the average of all the grade points that a student has secured over the entire duration of the degree program. Both graduates, as well as certificate students, are required to possess a minimum of 3.0 GPA. If a student fails to qualify this university requirement, or secure less than three GPA score, then he will be considered as disqualified for the course.

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What is the requirement of GPA to avail of a degree course?

To be eligible to apply for an Associates or Master’s degree, you need to secure a Grade Point Average of two or above.

What are the ways to calculate the GPA?

Students can easily calculate Grade Point Average when they know the below-mentioned information:

Credits attempted: Credit points are the total credits obtained for the courses taken at Walden.

Final grades obtained: With the help of your unofficial transcript, a student can easily see the grades that he secured in all the classes in the program.

Point values for grades – A point value that is allocated to each grade.

The below table shows the correlation between the letter grade and GPA Value:

Letter Grade   Point Value for Grade

A          4.00

B          3.00

C          2.00

D (only pertinent for Undergraduate Programs) 1.00

F          0.00

To calculate GPA, you need to divide the total number of credit points received in a degree program by the number of credits attempted. This will give you the Grade Point Average for that program.

Unfortunately, if a student is not able to pass in the exam, then there will be no grade points awarded to the student for that course. However, “the credits attempted” get added to the “total credits attempted” for that program. So, GPA will decline in failing an exam.

In this case, a student will need to reappear in the exam in which he failed. This is an attempt to progress in his exam and enhance his GPA score.

If he passes on the retake, then the original grade gets listed on the transcript. It will not be included in the GPA calculation. Under this case, only the grade (along with the credits attempted) linked with the successful retake will be useful for the GPA calculation.


GPA is a determining factor in your eligibility for any degree course. It is important to check this criterion before you apply for any course.  Supervising your Grade Point Average is a beneficial habit that will assist you to understand the program requirements and ways to adhere to the GPA requirements.