Unsure of Whether You Will Ever Find your Phone? Seekit’s Got Your Back

Unsure of Whether You Will Ever Find your Phone


There is a lot we can do without in the world but a phone is one thing we simply cannot make do with, try as we might. After all, a great deal of our routine life depends on these devices whether this involves booking a cab, putting a PowerPoint presentation together, exploring a specific review of a restaurant or even checking the time.Naturally, you work yourself up into a sweat if your smartphone ever gets lost or misplaced. While losing your phone or not knowing where you left it is quite a natural thing, there is a way to not have a mental breakdown when you can’t seem to find it.

The Panasonic Seekit makes sure you steer clear of any such outbursts. Want to know more about how you can answer the question ofhow to locate my phone? Here is a brief description of how Seekit helps you out with this process.

The Seekit Loop and Seekit Edge

The Seekit Loop and Seekit Edge make it easy to find your belongings without putting in too much effort like you usually would when searching for your smartphone. The Seekit Edge ensures finding wallets, bags, as well as document folders, become easy while the Seekit Loop ensures finding your keys, pets and speakers does not become a problem. The Seekit Edge is light in weight, compact and has a 3mm super sleek designed body. The Seekit Loop is premium and handy and acts as the perfect keychain during all your search operations.

The bi-directional tracking feature works to your advantage

While these devices make it easy to find your misplaced belongings, you can deal with your lost phone dilemma by using the bi-directional tracking feature. To put this feature into motion, all you have to do is ring your phone.It even works seamlessly if your phone happens to be on silent mode. To make certain your device starts ringing, double press the Seekit button. Bi-directional tracking offers voice alerts when the user is not within the range of 100ft. The main aim of this feature is to ensure either the Seekit or smartphone both sends alerts if they ever happen to be moving away from each other.

The elements that make Seekit unique

There are many reasons why Seekit is such a hit and is only increasing in popularity.

  • The Seekit Edge has a battery life of up to 18 months while the Seekit Loop possesses a battery power of up to 12 months
  • The devices work on Bluetooth 5.0
  • You can tag it to almost anything
  • Seekit comes with an LED indicator so you can find your belongings even in dark environments
  • It also has a buzzer that activates whenever the tracker disconnects from your smartphone
  • You can even choose the level of alert you want when the device goes out of range.
  • While low mode delivers notifications to your device, high mode makes a ringer go off.

This ensures you can never miss a notification to find your possessions.

So what are you waiting for? If you think the Seekit is definitely among the best phone finder apps you have come across, go on and give it a shot. All in all, you will be certainly happy you did so.