Jonathan Lauter MD Identifies Symptoms of Teen Depression

Symptoms of Teen Depression


Teenagers are often confused with their emotions. They feel misunderstood and often do not get support from their parents or from loved ones. Here, they often turn to friends for help and advice. However, their friends are of the same age as them and the advice rendered does not help them at all. They do not understand the changing emotions and patterns taking place in them. This is why they end up confused and depressed.

Symptoms of Teen Depression

Jonathan Lauter MD- identifying the symptoms of teen depression  

Jonathan Lauter MD is an esteemed child and adolescent psychiatrist with The American Psychiatric Association in the USA. He has several years of valuable experience in administrative and teaching positions. He runs a private practice at Manhattan and currently serves as a clinician at the Refuah Health Center located at Spring Valley in New York. He says that most of the time teenagers do not open up about their feelings and they sit behind closed doors. They go into their rooms after coming back from school and lock themselves for many hours inside.  Parents should identify these symptoms so that they can approach their child and address the issue. Teenagers often feel very lonely as they suffer from depression. Some teens have anger issues and most of the time get into fights.

Addressing these problems in teenagers  

He says that if parents ignore the above signs of depression in their children who are teens, the results can be harmful. First and foremost, teenagers get into destructive behavior. They become victims of DUI offenses and shoplifting. Teenagers suffering from depression tend to sleep a lot. They also face a lot of difficulties in concentration, and this affects their studies as well. They do not have the urge to eat and can suffer from rapid weight loss or weight gain.

In cases of severe depression, teenagers are often preoccupied with death. Parents should discipline their children with awareness. They should not make their child feel ashamed of themselves. They should never force their teenage child to do what they want. Respecting the emotions and the feelings of your parents help you understand your teen better. Listen to him or her when it comes to issues. They should not feel lonely or unsupported by their parents.

Jonathan Lauter MD says that as parents you should encourage your teen to talk to a family member or friend he or she is comfortable with.  In case, you are worried and need to seek professional intervention, make sure that you visit an experienced psychiatrist specialized in adolescent depression so that their issues and concerns can be addressed. There are some issues that teenagers face while growing up. You might think they are small problems that can be overcome. However, for a growing teenager this problem is real. So do not ignore its importance. As a parent, social support and love are essential to the health and well-being of your child. Make sure you pay attention and never make your child lonely when depressed.

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