Joe Cianciotto Highlights on What Constitutes an Effective Advertisement

effective advertisement campaign contain


Most businesses spend a lot of money on advertisement however when it comes to results; they are disappointed. Experts from New York, a major hub for advertisement and media in the USA say that when it comes to marketing your products and services to the masses, you should invest time in planning. This is where you need to bank on professionals who are experienced and skilled in creating effective advertising campaigns for your company. They will design the perfect campaign for your targeted audience so that you get the desired results within your budget.

effective advertisement campaign contain

Joe Cianciotto- What does an effective advertisement campaign contain   

Joe Cianciotto is a skilled and experienced Executive Creative Director of DDB NY and Director of Digital for the US. He says that when you are creating an effective advertisement campaign, you must keep the advertisement relevant. He says that when you wish to focus on an advertisement for your product, you should tell the audience the USP of your product. This is the first rule of advertising you should always keep in mind.

Call to action  

He says that if you wish to make the advertisement a success, you should always include a call-to-action for the targeted customer. You should give your customer a reason to click on the said ad now. This is where words help. The content of the advertisement should be short and specific. The call-to-action should be visible so that your targeted audience knows where to click for availing the offer or the service.

Use words to attract the potential customer  

The words you use in the advertisement should be chosen with care. They should attract the potential customer to your service or product. You should use specific words. For instance, “big discount” will not do so well as 50% discount for your products. This will attract the potential customer to your product or service. 

Make the language simple so that the customer understands it well  

The language of the advertisement is crucial for its success. If you use complicated language, your customer will not understand what you are offering. Use simple and short sentences to attract the targeted audience. If you are not sure about how to use the correct words for your advertisement campaign, research on the age and gender of your targeted audience. This will give you an insight into using the right words for your advertisement campaign.

Joe Cianciotto says that an effective advertising campaign takes time. You need to plan the campaign and understand what your targeted audience is seeking to make it successful in the market. With the right planning, you can create an advertisement campaign that grabs attention to give you a competitive edge in the market. At the same time, the budget for your advertising campaign is important. Talk with experts in the field who will manage the ad campaign for you and ensure it is created within your budget. The professionals you choose should be professional and experienced. In case you cannot afford professional media companies for the task, you can always hire skilled freelancers.

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