Explore Leipzig, Germany

Explore Leipzig, Germany



Ruling over the federal state of Saxony is the industrial and historical powerhouse of Leipzig. First documented in 1015, the city is now modernized with lively nightlife, unlimited shopping possibilities, and interesting sights. The major cultural center of Germany has always served as a trade city. It has been crucial in contributing to the fall of communism, the reunification of Germany, and the continuation of  an interesting culture. Zoos, high rises, opera house, museums, and pubs can be found within its area. The city of Leipzig has recently been included as the world’s top 10 best cities to visit.

Fast Facts

  • Leipzig’s sole fame throughout its history has been eclipsed by the birth of Johann Sebastian Bach. Leipzig has Bach as the city’s musical director and choirmaster during the 18th The city has dedicated itself in preserving his contributions through the Gewandhaus Orchestra, the St. Thomas Boys Choir, and the Bach Museum.
  • The mother of all trade fairs has been initiated by the city. The Leipzig Fair has recently celebrated its 500th
  • One of the oldest choirs in the world is housed in Leipzig. The city is home to the St. Thomas Boys Choir, which has been practicing for more than 800 years.
  • Leipzig led the Peaceful Revolution of 1989. Prayers for Peace were said in the town’s St. Nicholas Church.
  • One of the largest terminus train stations in Europe is the Leipzig Central Station. It was turned into a state-of-the-art service center and shopping mall.

Entertainment and Nightlife

Moritzbastei is a prime venue for visitors of Leipzig. The youth and student club has three stories found underground. These fortifications were once used by students seeking an escape during their spare time. Tourists can also participate in discos, rock concerts, and other events at the KulturfabrikWerk II.  Cabarets can also be found in the city. The region’s oldest bars are the Academixer and the Pfeffermuhle. Book your Leipzig Hotels with Reservations.com.

Tourist Attractions

The city’s best attraction during winter is the unveiling of the largest freestanding advent calendar in the world. The calendar is set each year on the Old City Hall’s historical backdrop. The biggest panometer in the world can be found in AsisiPanometer Leipzig. Tourists can experience the ‘magical picture of nature’ by joining the establishments’ visual journey to the Amazon’s tropical rainforest. The Belantis Leisure Park is an amusement park that takes guests to a journey back in time.

Best Museums

In town is the oldest surviving restaurant and coffee house in Europe. The ZumArabischenCoffe Baum even has artifacts that document the city’s Saxon history. The restaurant also doubles as a museum for interested tourists. The art treasures and collections can be found in the city’s lengthy list of museums. The Museum of City History has a permanent collection of Leipzig’s history. Unique establishments include the Schiller House, Archive of the Civic Museum, and the Sports Museum. The Bach Museum contains Johan Sebastian Bach’s lifelong work. The Egyptology Museum hosts permanent exhibitions obtained from the pyramids.