Tips To Getting Rid of Ants

Tips To Getting Rid of Ants


The weaver ants or green ants make their nests. Their nests look like a cover on leaves, where all these little evil creatures hide behind and discuss their next move to bite you. I have encountered a weaver ant scenario in my backyard; they invade old trees to be exact. And in my case, they are in my garden. Although they do not damage the tree in any way, the only problem is that they can inflict bite which contains acid, and it can cause allergies, pain, and discomfort.

I will provide you with tips about how to get rid of no hassles of weaver ants from backyards and your garden.

They will climb through the tree branches and roam around all through the door or window area and can end up on your sofa or bed. Where we put our clothes to wash off, they even climb through the ropes; they end up within undergarments and our apparels too. Imagine how dangerous it can be.

These weaver ants are extremely smart and fast; for instance, you’ve spot among them, and they apprehend the threat that is coming and they run for their lives, when you raise your hands for hitting them, they are the smartest sort. If you’re planning to kill them one by one, you will never get rid of them.

It is always advised to use professional pest control services to deal with any pest infestations, but then you’re welcome if you insist on an attempt to do something yourself.

Here is how I got rid of weaver ants

I’ll share with you my experience with weaver ants. The way I got rid of them, after which they never showed up in my backyard.

Like any other pest problem, you need to get to their origins to get rid of them from the roots, the very first thing you will need to do find is where their queen resides. They will surrender to you if you kill the queen. A typical weaver ant’s nest will either look like a structure of leaves surrounded with cobwebs or just some awkward looking leaves folded.

But beware before you do anything to the nest, make sure that after you strike their nest (that immediately triggers an alert to them, and they attempt to run for cover), they didn’t come back running to your home instead. Hence you have to make a full arrangement to prevent that, you can cut the branches of the tree if it close to your house, this way you break the one and only way they might use to reach your house.

You want to apply the”drenching” technique to ensure that they can’t escape when you hit their nest. Pour pesticideon the ground around the trees backward before you start shooting their nest. They will not be trapped by it and not let them escape under any conditions.

When you’re finished with securing the perimeter around their colony, then break spray mercilessly, and all hell loose with your chemical pesticide.

Congratulations, you successfully eliminate these weaver ants and have won the battle against them.

Even though there is another way but it might not be that successful, but you can try it.

To remove these weaver ants outdoors is simple; you have to eliminate the queen to kill the colony. If you have trouble finding it, you can try an”ant gel” in areas in which you see them traveling. They will take the poison back and discuss it with the queen. Gels won’t last that long in the weather so that you might need to try applications if you’re planning to go that route. The best alternative, however, is to contact a licensed pest management expert who can deal with the situation in an environment-friendly manner.


Well is not an easy task to do after taking precautions against them. You may get bitten throughout your struggle against them by a few of the weaver ants. Hence before you make up your mind to take on these pests on your consider hiring a professional pest management firm, they will deal with these pests in a more professional and environmentally friendly way.