Reasons Why You Need to Use Non Woven Bags

Reasons Why You Need to Use Non Woven Bags


These days, non woven eco friendly bags are being widely used for various purposes, mainly to carry daily needed things. Hence, many businesses prefer to customize such bags to advertise their trade. The bags are printed with their brand or trade logo and other details in short. Hence, wherever the bag is noticed by people, they will know about your trade details as well.

Now, you may be thinking there is multiple kind of materials used to make bags, then why do people prefer bags made of non woven materials like polypropylene. The reason for this is because of its ample benefits.

Here are the features of non-woven bags:

They are durable, thus can be used for many years. No worries even, if you are carrying heavy items as the material is strong.

It is moisture resistant, thus preferable to carry even liquid filled containers. In case of bags made of cloth material, it is not possible to carry water bottles or any other liquid packs. Thus, this recycle polymer material proves useful as it doesn’t get soaked or wet.

Easily washable, just need to wipe with wet cloth to remove dirt and stain. While using light detergent liquid and brushing lightly any stubborn stain vanishes and the bag looks new.

Available in many colors even bright ones thus printed matter on the bag looks elegant. The colors won’t fade for many years and this is one of the reasons why people desire to use the bag frequently.

More detailed information about non woven material:

They are mainly non woven polypropylene polymers commonly called as NWPP. The fabric texture is breathable, flexible and washable. The fiber will never leave out the dyed color that is the main reason for them to be designed as a bag. The bag will always look fresh and new, even the printed block on the bag will be readable lifelong.

Once the material wears off, it can be recycled thus helps in keeping the environment unpolluted. They are cheaper to make thus its budget friendly for businesses who desire to use eco-friendly bags as their promotional kit. Moreover, while placing bulk orders, the bag makers will provide at cheapest price. Hence, non-woven polypropylene material bags will be the best suitable mode to impress customers in a cost-effective way. Many people love to make their own bags and even sell the neatly crafted custom non woven bags. They can buy the NWPP rolls from manufacturers of the material at wholesale price.

The best place to search for such NWPP bags are online sources. Not only, as a trader you are able to search more about the numerous kinds of non woven bags, even able to compare the prices. One such provider of eco friendly bags at reasonable price is Customer Earth Promos. They specialize in providing custom environmental friendly bags as required by their customers. They will provide bags at the right time with the logo and other details of your trade printed on it attractively. Hence, contact them and place an order for your promo bags.