Randal Benjamin – Simple Basketball Drills for Newcomers to The Game

Randal Benjamin


For players of basketball at the higher levels, both defense and offense are important. If you are learning the game of basketball, you will find that beginner, and professional training camps are different. At college levels, the youth needs to focus on learning the fundamental skills of the game. This is why mentors and coaches do not focus on high scores during training. They take the onus of correcting technique so that the player eliminates weaknesses and can focus on his or her strengths.

Simple beginner basketball drills

Randal Benjamin is an esteemed athlete based in Las Vegas in Nevada. He is fond of basketball with teams like LA Lakers and Oakland Raiders being his favorite teams. He says when basketball is taught to children, they learn ball handling drills as a basic part of their training. They generally learn the correct techniques on how to shoot and pass the ball. He says as a beginner to the sport of basketball, you first must learn on how to dribble the ball. This is very challenging for very young children who have not developed their motor skills as yet.

Randal Benjamin

Here, coaches teach the player to receive the ball and start bouncing it. Children are asked to practice the above while standing. Once they are able to dribble the ball with success, they can start to learn formal dribbling. They learn on how to shoot the basketball by starting with layups and shots that are known as short set shots. Coaches often teach beginners rebounding skills. This is a special kind of shooting drill that players learn.

Beginner drills for dribbling

Here the players are generally divided into 2-4 teams. They are lined up and spaced out evenly on the baselines of the court. The first in the line starts to dribble the ball and pass it over to the next player. They need to dribble the ball to the end of the baseline and back. The pattern continues, and later the teams are put into competition with one another to check which team wins first when it comes to dribbling the ball.

The shooting drill

This is a drill where the shooting of the ball is taught to newcomers. Here, again the participants are divided into teams. They need to be comfortable when it comes to passing and dribbling in order to excel in dribbling skills.

The above are just some of the drills that basketball players new to the game have to learn. Randal Benjaminsays that beginners should always focus on their form and not scores in the early phase of the game. He says that when you are learning basketball, focus on techniques and skills. You should understand all the rules of basketball if you wish to be a good player. He says that you should focus on your key skills and trust your instincts when it comes to being proactive in the field. This helps you to improve performance, and with time you can master the skills of the game with success!

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