Modern Stairs Designs Ideas for Outdoor of 2020

Modern Stairs Designs Ideas for Outdoor of 2020


Open-air or outdoor stairs are stunning architectural essential structures that improve and enhance house designs. Stairs not only add style quotient to beautify your homes but also add practicality and functionality to your homes. Outdoor Stairs connect your home interiors with yards, and most essentially welcome guest.

Gorgeous outdoor stairs can light up the entryway to your front door and at the same time complement your front yard landscaping and the exterior of your home. There are different options for materials, shapes, textures, colors and patterns when designing outdoor stairs.

Here is a brief account of modern outdoor staircase design ideas which are inspiring and eye-catching at the same time:

Stone Entryway

Stones are one of the most efficient and durable components that can be used for exterior stairs. If there is any noticeable slope in the landscape that makes it uncomfortable and difficult to move from one level to another, garden Stone steps can be built to suit the purpose.

Building materials that can be used to make garden steps are:

Flagstone (a type of sedimentary rock), Fieldstone (easily found near earth’s surface), Sacked stone (self-aligned, tapered design)

However, it is complicated to construct a stone entryway because the materials are usually used to weigh tremendously.

Metallic Magic

Metals are highly resistant to extreme temperature fluctuations and humidity alterations, hence installing a metal staircase can be ideal outside. These types of stairways are highly durable and very cost-effective. There are endless design possibilities and these prove to be flexible too.

The most commonly used metals are aluminum and steel. Though the purchasing cot of metals may be on the higher side but construction cost is very low.

The best way to maintain metal stairs is by coating the metals with patina after waxing them, thereby preserving the risk to ruin their appearance.Here,we go with modern stairs design outdoor make you amaze.

Wooden flight of steps

If you want to give your house a new, fresh, modern and stylish look, then there is nothing better than wood. It is a unique material and a wooden stairway adds more value and enhances the elegance of your property.

Different types of wood that are usually used are: polar, cherry, maple and oak

If the wood is treated with proper stain, it reduces the risks of any hazard. One disadvantage is that wood is easily damaged by humidity or temperature or by pests. But on the other hand wooden stairway is less expensive to install.

Concrete Staircase

Using concrete to build outdoor stairs can be one of the best choices. These kinds of stairs require little maintenance, are extremely durable and have recently gained popularity among most homemakers.

These stairways can withstand any type of extreme weather conditions and can be used to revamp the look of your house. There are varieties of designs such as round, spiral or straight that can be installed. Concrete stairs guarantee marvelous finishes and decorations.

Lighting the path

A lighted staircase not only grabs eyeballs but is also one of the modern ways to oomph your house entrance. It may be the ideal approach to your outdoor space. This lighting comes in multiple colors and can be fitted to your existing deck as well.

Spiral Stairway

Using a narrow spiraling staircase to connect two porches is a masterstroke if you want to use your space more efficiently. Spiral stairways ensure a grand and luxurious entrance to your outdoor space.

Planter Pathway

Wooden planters that impersonate the wooden staircase create a visually appealing look and are a natural way to add a personal touch to your existing stairs without spending too much.

Thus, the most important principle of building outdoor stairs is to create a relaxing, safe, comfortable and attractive way to a front door. Gone are days when stairs where considered boring, in the present times outdoor stairs not only add functionality, attractiveness but also improve the overall appeal of your house that gives it a modern and contemporary look.On The Architecture Designs you can get trending ideas,news & updates on architecture,gardening,interior designing and more