How does United Airlines Allow Name Correction on Your Ticket?

Name Correction on Your Ticket


If you’re flying with United Airlines to your favorite destination, you should know everything about booking a flight with United Airlines. It’s common to make mistakes when booking a flight, which can cause traveling problems. However, you can now relax knowing that United Airlines has the policy to help you correct any name mistakes on your ticket, whether minor or significant. This will help ensure an awesome travel experience. The United Airlines Name Change Policy is developed to offer support to passengers who’ve by mistake got their name on the UA ticket wrong.

This article will explain how to make a United Airlines Ticket Name Change. You will learn about the methods to fix name errors & mistakes so that your ticket is valid for travel with United Airlines.  

Important Details About United Airlines Name Change Policy

The United Airlines Name Change Policy offers its customers the flexibility to make simple to major changes to their name on the UA ticket up to two hours before the scheduled departure.

Want to know about the types of Changes allowed under United Airlines name correction policy? Make sure you go through the below list:

Minor Changes- No Need for Legal Documents

  • First & last name spelling mistakes
  • Adding a nickname in the place of the primary name, or vice-versa.
  • Changing/correcting any prefix
  • Changes to the middle or primary name
  • Changing the inverted first & last name

Major Changes- Need Legal Documents

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Agreement
  • Any Valid government-issued proof that has your previous & new name.

Procedures to Make Name Changes on the UA Flight Tickets

Under the United Airlines Name Correction Policy, you get two different procedures to edit your wrong name. Keep reading further to explore those easy and quick methods to make a United Airlines name change on ticket

1. Website

To change your name on the flight ticket online, go to the homepage of United Airlines and find the “Manage Bookings” section. Click on the “Change Flight” option and enter your booking reference number & flyer’s surname. From the reservations page, choose the booking and edit the name. Remember, only three characters can be edited. Now save the changes. You may be asked to pay a fee for confirmation of the changes. 

2. Customer Service Department

The best way to change your name with United Airlines is by calling the customer service department at 1-800-(833) 246-4453. The customer service agent will be able to help you make the changes you need with the proper documentation.

This is how United Airlines Name Correction policy allows name changes on the ticket. The methods are quite easy, effective, and quick.