How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Our World By Santosh Singhi

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Our World By Santosh Singhi



Artificial intelligence is a kind of technology through which a lot many easy and difficult tasks can be achieved in a fraction of time and a fraction of cost.  For example robots are a part of artificial intelligence.

Also interactive devices such as Alexa and Siriare also part of artificial intelligence.  Moreover smart homes and smart-gadgets and smart-cars, which drive themselves, are also part of artificial intelligence.

Smart gadgets, smart phones and smart watches, which are responsive and interactive also form a part of artificial intelligence.

The day is not far when we will have self -driving cars and smart homes whichwill be operated through voice commands.  Thus the future will be full of artificial intelligence as per Santosh Singhi. 


 Artificial intelligence is a very useful technology if used rightly.  It can help us save time, money and resources.  Artificial intelligence can make our lives easier.

There are many benefits of artificial intelligence. Firstly it helps us make our lives fast and simple. It also speeds up basic actions.  This saves us a lot of time and energy.

Life is going to be fast in the coming years and thus you need technology which is in sync with the times and thus artificial intelligence is the answer for all your basic needs.

You can use all the time, energy and resources on other and better things. Thus artificial intelligence is all set to make our lives easier.

From smart cars, smart gadgets and smart shopping you will have a really easy and comfortable life.  Also robots will be readily available and really make your life easy.

Moreover Jobs and work which took weeks will now be achieved in hours says Santosh Singhi. 


Like any technology artificial intelligence also has its flipside. First of all when robots take over all the jobs then people will find it difficult to get jobs and work.

This is a very serious problem which we will have to face in the future.

Artificial intelligence is faster and more efficient and effective.  It makes things easy and also is very fast and flawless.  Robots make work simple and are highly intelligent, even more intelligent than humans.

Thus we arefacing a serious dilemma where, on one hand things and life will become easier but there is also a chance that artificial intelligence takes over our life and starts ruling us.

Thus we might become slaves to artificial intelligence according to Santosh Singhi. 


The future is definitely a artificial intelligence and there is no stopping it.  For sure our lives will never be same again once artificial intelligence takes over.

The future is smart -cars, smart homes and smart gadgets.  Also most of the jobs will be carried out by artificial intelligence.

We should use this technology but not become slaves to it.  Thus we need to be very responsible and alert and use artificial intelligence and see to it that it does not use us says Santosh Singhi.