Dianabol for Women: Why Is It A Taboo?

Dianabol for Women: Why Is It A Taboo?


There are a lot of women bodybuilders have been looking for steroids that are not that “strong” enough to cause them any side effects. This would be hard especially because almost all anabolic steroids are not recommended for women to use because of how potent these can be. There are many speculations though about Dianabol that have already been tried out and that is females might take low-dose Dianabol if they really are persistent about taking this specific steroid. Remember though that there are a lot of things that you should keep in mind first even before you plan on buying them.

Before anything else, you might be familiar of the side effects that Dianabol can give to women. Because it is very potent, women who take high dosage could experience virilization effects after just a few weeks of taking it; which is why they are not recommended and are deemed unsafe for women. There are a lot of steroids that are good enough for them to use but some just don’t think that they will make the cut that’s why they resort to stronger steroids to achieve their goals right away. This is OK unless you are willing to take the risk.

How can Dianabol be dangerous to women?

Aside from the fact that it can cause virilization effects, women are not used to having high amount of steroids in the bloodstream which in turn could mean only one thing: serious side effects. Male bodybuilders and athletes are the ones that are widely accepted to use Dbol, not women. Unless they also want to develop masculine features and have deep voice like a man’s. if you are a girl and you plan on using Dianabol, then some of the side effects that you would be experiencing are the shrinking of your breasts, dramatic growth of body hair, deepening of vocal chords, and so on.

Really serious about taking Dianabol?

As mentioned above, it is said that some women are still taking take small doses of Dianabol only. But what they don’t know is that they will still experience the same side effects as men do which includes baldness, water retention, insomnia, mood swings, and so much more. Another thing that you should bear in mind is that you wouldn’t get the results that you are looking for because of the fact that you only took low doses.

The right dosage for women in taking Dianabol

Are you willing to take the risk? If that’s so, then you should keep in mind that as mentioned above, you are only supposed to take the lowest dose which is 5mg. luckily, some women have reported that they have achieved results even with this dose and maybe you would too. But you have to be careful and not abuse or experiment with you dosages because you WILL suffer the consequences.

There are some women that are too afraid to take the risk, while some are OK with it because they think that sticking to the right dose will help them. You should always remember though that everybody has different metabolisms and everybody will react differently to a foreign substance. Lucky for you if you think that your body’s metabolism is OK. But it’s truly better to be safe than sorry.

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