4 Teaching Materials That Just Make Sense to Have in Your Classroom

Make Sense to Have in Your Classroom


Looking for classroom resources that make your life easier? Being a teacher takes patience and it can be challenging to keep on top of our list of duties. It’s a profession that is certainly harder than ever before for many reasons, including difficult behaviour, work-life balance and technology. However, there are some ways to reduce stress and burnout while teaching. Say goodbye to wasting your precious time and energy with these 4 teaching materials that just make sense to have in every classroom:

1. Early Finisher Task Cards

No two students are the same; they all complete their class work at different rates. Some finish 20 minutes early, while others need all the time they can get. Early finisher activities are wonderful for reinforcing skills your students have learnt while keeping those fast finishers busy all year through!

Early finisher task cards are versatile as students can simply swap cards or pick one up when they have finished their work early. This gives you the opportunity to work with kids who are struggling with their work whilst giving something thought-provoking to others.

2. Writing Prompt Grids 

It can be tricky to come up with a creative story on the spot. Sometimes students need a prompt to get them started, but of course, the prompt needs to be relatable to the writer in order to create a great story. By giving children lots of different ideas and options, they feel empowered and able to complete the task to their best ability. Writing prompt grids as they spark motivation for independent writing. They come in handy in those situations when students come up to you and say, ‘Mrs, I don’t know what to write about’. Simply hand them their own writing prompts sheet and see what they come up with.

3. Teacher Templates 

Your students forgot their login details? Can’t remember your tasks for this week? Need somewhere to jot down student data? With so many daily tasks, it can be tricky to stay organised and keep updated with everything. However, teacher templates like the collection offered from the Resources for Teaching website for $1 only will give you peace of mind!

They are easy to incorporate into your lessons as well as plenty of handy printables to stay organised throughout the year. Also includes clear and simple templates casual/ temporary teachers can fill out to leave notes for the classroom teacher to ensure everyone is up to date on what students have learnt/ completed throughout the day.

4. Whole Class Reward Systems 

A great way for students to work cooperatively to earn whole class rewards. They have some awesome benefits, including creating a positive team environment, sharing common goals and feelings of achievement and recognition for demonstrating great behaviour.

For the best teaching materials that will make your life easier, visit the Resources for Teaching website. They have helpful resources for ESL lesson planning, including games and activities that can be used in literacy rotations. If you need a teacher lesson plan template or an engaging lesson plan for teachers, you can download them from their website and access from your electronic device instantly. For more, explore https://resourcesforteaching.com.au now!