Why Should Housewives Upgrade Themselves as an English Speaker?

English Speaker


English is a universally spoken language and the second-most popular communication language across many Indian states. The demand for spoken English candidates is only a rising curve every day. However, this particular language is increasing in demand as english speaking course for housewives. Here are a few reasons that the latter shoulder upgrade themselves as an English speaker:

Increases Self-Confidence

As mentioned earlier, English is one of the most commonly spoken languages in India. Most people in the private and public section, communities, societies, NRIs, and even foreign countrymen, women, and children are familiar with the language and apt usage. A housewife well-versed in the language can broaden their social circle and communicate with more people than usual. They can understand their perspectives, backgrounds and increase self-confidence while communicating in the same.

Furthermore, most international schools look into their parents’ backgrounds before admitting kids into their English-medium schools. The school panel may ask questions from both parents in English, and housewives with apt language knowledge can increase the chances of the children’s admission.

Boosts Growth Opportunities

Housewives certified in either spoken or written English or even both can increase their growth opportunities. Companies are always searching for candidates to handle their overseas accounts and clients. A person well-versed in English and with apt writing skills can seek such opportunities. Additionally, such certifications also open doors for jobs like translators, personal assistants, air hostess, public speakers, PR professionals, teaching, etc.

Housewives can also appear in IELTS and TOEFL exams to avail opportunities available abroad and scale up the growth curve. They can even relocate or take admission into a foreign institute, university, or college to complete their academic research or achieve career growth.

Open’s Up New Interest’s

Housewives can enhance their areas of interest like gardening, food, knitting, etc. by learning a new language. They can read, listen, and learn about new aspects of their areas of interest and even write back to share their experiences. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, etc. offer a plethora of information in English. The websites can also be used for building social connections and understand other user perspectives and experiences.

Housewives can even give back using their insights through pictures, audios, texts, books, etc. Moreover, they can also get access to new information in English in the form of talk shows, TV shows, radio programs, podcasts, magazines, books, newspapers, etc.

Participate in Common English Conversation Topics

The most common English conversations topics relate to fields like travel, school or work, grocery shopping, cooking, home, family, pets, weather, clothing, and friends. Aside from them, the topics could relate to their hobbies, kid’s activities, etc. However, by learning spoken English, their topic scale could include social trends, foreign celebrities, social communication, world scenarios, etc. Also, according to sources, there are approximately 1.268 billion English language speakers. Therefore, housewives can use social media to connect with people who share similar interests and broaden their social circle and mindset.