How to Teach English to Kids at Home?

English to Kids at Home


A few days ago, we discussed the differences in teaching English to adults and kids and the most effective way to teach English to beginners. Several teaching parameters from both of these articles would provide the best tips for teaching English to kids at home. So, here are a few ways:

Play Games

Kids have a short attention span, but not while they are playing games. Therefore, teaching them English through games like scrabble, Pictionary, crosswords, and others would prove fruitful. Moreover, it would help them in sentence formation, grammar, speech, fluency, vocabulary, and many other parameters associated with the world-renowned written and spoken language.

Role-Playing Activities

Another unusual method to teach English to kids at home is to involve them in their favorite cartoon or superhero character role-playing activities. Engross your kids into storytelling, story writing, dialogues, and acting. All these practices would help them in similar parameters covered while playing games.


Ideally, children communicate in the language in which their household members speak. They listen, mimic, and learn from adults conversing beside them. Therefore, communicating with kids in English will improve their language skills and build confidence and remove hesitation by speaking in the same language with other English-speaking kids and adults.


Singing could be one of the most refreshing English learning exercises for kids. It can help them with the language skillset and other areas like pitch, fluency, pause, tone, etc. Children who love to sing often try to repeat the lyrics. You can assist them by either singing along or providing them the lyrics of their favorite English song.

While going through artists and their songs, kids can listen to new phrases, synonyms, antonyms, etc. Therefore, they would learn more even while searching for the song of their choice. Younger kids should be taught nursery rhymes to improve their written and spoken English skills.

Podcasts/Radio Stations

There are many English radio and podcast stations on the air and online along with spoken english for kids. Many such stations have language classes for kids and adults. Parents can tune into such stations with their kids and teach them required language skills. Eventually, they would also build a routine to tune into the station even without a supervisor’s presence.

Engage in Repetition

Learning English grammar and its rules can become more comfortable with repetition. However, it is widely meant for grade school students. Young minds would find it quite hard to grasp during their early stages. The best way to teach grammar to kids at home is to incorporate its rules during conversations. Also, every once in awhile, the teacher can speak a wrong sentence to the kids and ask them to correct it. Continually speaking and writing correct will allow kids to pick out the mistake and amend it promptly. Also, kids would get an idea about the language.

The methods mentioned above will only work if the teacher has a strict curriculum and routine. Any changes to the same can hamper the learning curve of the kids.