What Is The Best Material For Exterior Doors?

What Is The Best Material For Exterior Doors?


Exterior doors are designed to keep the home secure. They can also be visually appealing. There are many choices for exterior doors and the features of each design. There are also emergency residential door repair services if the door happens to get damaged.


Wood is a common choice for exterior doors. It looks great and it can be easily customized. There are different types of wood to select from and there are different finished. The wood can be customized and is available in many different colors. Wood may warp over time so it is best to install a storm door with the wood. Wood has the most options so it is something to consider for a truly customized look.


Steel doors are known for being energy efficient, providing security for the home, and they are durable. These doors are known for their insulation properties. They are the most secure type of door that can be used in the home. They come in many colors and styles. They are also less expensive than doors made out of wood. The steel door may rust over time and do need regular maintenance.


Fiberglass doors are made from composite. They are secure and they are energy efficient. The fiberglass doors are durable and they come in many different finishes. The fiberglass can be expensive but they require minimum maintenance. This door is less expensive than steel but offers the same great protection.


This type of door is durable and is energy efficient. The doors are low maintenance and they will have a finish that will not rust or chip over time. This is the material used in storm doors and patio door frames over time. A person may have limited options due to the specific frame size that is needed. They will need to check the measurements before they order this type of door to make sure they get the color, style, and size that will fit.


This material is often used in patio door frames and is a low priced frame option. This type of door is becoming energy efficient and does not need a lot of maintenance. This door can be effective but there are fewer color choices when it comes to this material. This option is becoming more popular over the years and has shown to be a reliable door and stand up to the weather elements.

Selecting a Door

Some factors are going to determine the correct exterior door for the home. A person needs to find a door within their budget and in the style and the colors that they like. They will also need to find a door that will fit with their climate. Wood may not be suitable for some humid climates as it may warp. People that live in hot climates may not need the steel door to regulate the temperatures. A contractor can work with a person and help them decide on the style that they are looking for in an exterior door and will find one that meets their needs. The contractor can also show a person different colors and design choices when it comes to selecting an exterior door.

If a person has a door that is cracked or showing signs of wear they should contact an emergency residential door repair service immediately. They can assess the damage of the door and they can also suggest a new door if it needs to be replaced