How To Get Your Pilot License

How To Get Your Pilot License


Somebody with a piloting license is a great milestone to have, especially if you enjoy traveling in the air. For years, thousands of people have been putting in the effort into reaching their goal of obtaining the license.

Maybe you are one of those unsure people of how to get a piloting license. Are you lost while in the process of passing a test or getting into your training?

Well, don’t worry because the following steps are the necessary steps you’ll need in order to reach your goals much faster. Remember that receiving a pilot license won’t happen overnight. It’ll take time, and effort on your part, so don’t be frustrated at all.

Step 1: Be Eligible To Fly

The first step is to be eligible. To be eligible, you must be at least 17 years old, who is able to read. Plus, you must have English as your fluent language. There are a few other requirements that you must pass, which you can find at the FAR 61.103 manual.

Step 2: Earn a Student Pilot Certificate/Aviation Medical Certificate

Once you’ve reached the eligibility requirements, you can now strive to earn your Student Pilot Certificate and your Aviation Medical Certificate. You can schedule an appointment with a medical examiner, or you can go and send a completed application to a nearby FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO). If you’re unable to do either option, then you can send your completed application to a nearby FAA examiner. Regardless of what option you go for, it’s your responsibility to meet the medical standards.

Step 3: Complete The Aviation Training

Your next step is to complete the Part 135 online aviation training. This training will provide you with great content that’ll elevate your piloting skills. The website has a High-Quality Software that is suitable for all devices, which means you can study your training while on the go.

Step 4: Search For A Pilot Instructor

After you’ve completed the Part 135 online aviation training, you can go find yourself a Pilot Instructor.

You can find yourself an instructor by going to your local airport. A Pilot Instructor can prepare for the upcoming steps that you’ll need to follow next.

Step 5: Complete the FAA Written Exam

The first thing that a Pilot Instructor will expect you to pass is the FAA Written Exam. You must pass this exam before you can even start flying. You’re Pilot Instructor will help you in studying for that exam.

Step 6: It’s Time To Fly

Here’s where the fun begins. Once you’ve passed the FAA Written Exam, you now have “permission” to fly your first aircraft. All students are required to fly a plane for 10 hours before they go for the next step. You’re welcomed to fly for more than 10 hours if you like. Your Pilot Instructor will instruct you with more lessons like following emergency protocols and landing the aircraft properly.

Step 7: Complete the FAA Practical Exam

Now that you’ve put the time in with flying, you must put your skills to the test. An FAA Examiner will give you two tests: a verbal exam and a flight exam. You can think of the verbal exam like the written exam except you’ll be answering the examiner’s questions. As for the flight exam, the examiner will give you specific instructions from starting the plane to landing the plane.

If you do well on the tests and pass, then your FAA Examiner will have you fill out some paperwork and require you to pay the fee. You’ll receive a temporary pilot certificate for the time being. Your pilot license will be mailed to your place of residence.