What Do You Know About Snow Joe Snow Blower

What Do You Know About Snow Joe Snow Blower


Those of you who live in snowfall areas are familiar with snow blowers. Some of you might have it, and some of you might be thinking of replacing your shovel with it. There are two types- single and dual-stage snow blowers. Those have varieties too. Such as the single-stage with electric start and with battery, dual-stage with electric start, gas, oil, and more.

Here, we are going to review a cordless one. It is from the famous brand Snow Joe. Know the details about it’s iON18SB before buying any.

Snow Joe iON18SB is a quintessential single-stage tool. Lightweight, easy to control, sturdy built, lasts long. Then you have the auger and chute to cut the snow and directly throwing it at a far distance. You have a 3w LED light, so work at night. The tires bite the snow surface well, and you have better control over the machine due to it as well as the ergonomic handle. Use the safety switch and pull the retraction bar to have an instant-start.


Cordless snow blowers are known for their low weight. You are using it instead of a shovel, so unless it is lightweight, it is not going to make your job very easy. Because you will have to hold and maneuver it, anyhow, it will put pressure on your back. So, here you have a 32 lbs snow blower, that is easy to control. Push it with both hands or just one when you are using the controls. It’s easy both ways. A snow blower is for intermittent use. Most of the time, you keep it stored. So, it has to be foldable and compact in size, as well. iON18SB needs a small space to put.

EcoSharp Battery

It is the best single stage snow blower, because it has an EcoSharp battery. The 40V 4.0 Ah Li-ion battery is rechargeable. Both the battery and charger come with the machine. So, you need to charge it with the included charger and set it up in the battery chamber. It has a cover on it. Once done charging, you can continue working for 50 minutes.

Brushless Motor

The brushless motor increases the life of the snow thrower, makes it silent, and provides better torque. The auger with two flexible rubber blades provides a snow cutting capacity of 18” wide and 8” deep into the snow. Yet it works smooth, without making a loud noise.

180-degree Rotating Chute

The auto-directional chute rotates a full 180-degree, left to right. There is a chute remote switch to deflect it at the preferred angle for throwing snow. The chute directly throws the snow at a distance up to 20ft.


40V 4.0 Ah battery runs 50 min and allows to recharge

Steel auger with two flexible rubber blades

Chute rotates a 180-degree

Cuts snow 18” wide and 8” deep in one pass

Whisper quiet


Not for clearing heavy or wet snow

It has to be one of the safest ones and requires no maintenance. Using it carefully is enough for it to last for years. Try it once to agree or disagree.