A Guide To Know About Temple University Transfer

A Guide To Know About Temple University Transfer


Temple University is one of the esteemed universities in the US. There are around 3,400 transfer students admitted at Temple University. If you are planning to get transferred to this university, then make sure your credits are transferred properly and you are selecting the right school is very important.

In this article, we will tell you all about the temple university transfer.

About Temple University

This university is noted as a world-class center of research, health care, and teaching. It has its roots in the cultural and historic richness of Philadelphia. This university has a well known international university with its successful, and long-standing, campuses in Rome, and Tokyo. It has educational programs that run throughout the globe.

Temple occupies 28th position in the largest university throughout the US. They are the fifth largest university in the world for providing professional education in the areas of law, medicine, dentistry, podiatric medicine, and pharmacy.

Campus Reel is the best place to learn all about Temple Transfer. This is a helpful guide that tells the student about the transfer requirements for Temple University.

Transfer Population of Temple University

For the last 2017 to 2018 academic year, around 3,400 transfer students got admitted and 450 students have participated in dual-admissions programs.

There are a total of seventeen “Gen-Ed to Gen-Ed” agreements and eleven dual-admissions agreements with regional colleges such as Bucks County Community College, Community College of Philadelphia, Manor College, and Montgomery County Community College.

Transfer students who possess a GPA of 3.3 or greater are eligible to obtain scholarships at the time of transfer, and every year if they maintain their GPA.

CCP has had around 1,235 students transfer to the university since 2012, with around 399 transfer students admitted in the fall season in 2016. On average, around 300 students every year get transferred from CCP to Temple University.

The Transfer Process

To transfer via the dual-admissions program, it is required for students to enroll at this university prior to completing thirty credits at community college. After earning an associate degree, students can also do the official transfer of their credits.

Program-to-program agreements direct students about the type of classes that they should take to pursue an associate’s degree. After fulfilling these requirements and getting evaluated by the university, students can start finishing their requirements for obtaining a bachelor’s degree and get transferred to this university.

Dual-Admissions Agreements

The dual-admissions agreements are considered to be good alternatives for all those students who plan to enroll in community college. On the basis of their needs, students can aim for the key requirements after transferring to college.

A majority of students go via these agreements at the time of the transfer process. They should get a C average or greater to get the credits transferred. Students should also get a good understanding of what courses will get approved for their specific majors.


Temple is considered as the No. 1 transfer institution all over the world. By being well-informed about the transfer process, students can successfully perform temple university transfer.