I have a removable denture: how do I have to clean it?

I have a removable denture: how do I have to clean it


The removable dentures, also commonly called false or “removable” dentures are artificial structures made with acrylic or resin material used to replace missing teeth.

I have a removable denture: how do I have to clean it

These prostheses play a fundamental role in the life of the person who wears them since, after having lost the original teeth, they allow to re-establish important aspects such as speech, chewing, swallowing  and aesthetics.

If you have just incorporated a denture into your life, you may have already realized how important it is to feel comfortable with it.

But, before the patient feels completely comfortable with the dentures, it will need a period of adaptation.

During this time, the dubai dentist may have to make a series of adjustments until the denture fits into the patient’s mouth.

This is important because if the denture is not properly adjusted, it will move and irritate the patient’s gums, causing sores in the mouth or even dental ellipsis. In addition, food waste will tend to accumulate.

Therefore, in addition to feeling discomfort, the growth of bacteria will be favored. This in turn will cause the appearance of bad breath and other problems, such as periodontal disease ( gingivitis and periodontitis ).

Why do I have to clean my dentures?

In the same way that a bad adjustment favors the bacterial growth, the fact of not cleaning and sanitizing correctly the prosthesis also has negative consequences.

Therefore, when a patient wears a removable denture, it is very important that he / she knows how to clean it, how often to do it and what are the most advisable products.

In this way, not only will the denture not harbor bacteria, but it will also last many years in good conditions, both functional and aesthetic.

And, when the denture is new, its surface will be clean and smooth. However, as it is used and comes into contact with food, coffee or tobacco begins to deteriorate.

How do I clean the “remove and put” teeth at home?

The procedure to clean a removable denture is very simple and is made with products that are easily acquired in pharmacies. In addition, it is easy to carry out whether you are at home or have food out.

In this way, after each meal we recommend you do the following:

  • Remove the prosthesis
  • Brush the dentures with a special brush for dentures using water and neutral soap. Thoroughly clean all areas, both pink and metallic, if you have it
  • Dry the prosthesis and store it in its box. If it does not dry, the growth of microorganisms is favored
  • Brush your teeth normally, regardless of the number of teeth you have

But, in addition to this, we advise you that every night, before you go to sleep, you incorporate one more step to the daily oral health procedure.
That is, once you have removed your denture, cleaned it and brushed your teeth, it is best to insert it in a glass of water and dissolve a special pill to clean dentures.
There are different brands that sell this type of pills, such as Corega, Kin, Lacer, etc.
Depending on the type of tablet that is, we recommend you to inform you about the details of its use, since some of them must be dissolved during a few hours and others during the whole night. All this you can consult with best dentist in Dubai or pharmacist.

What should you not use to clean and disinfect your dentures?

As we have previously indicated, water, neutral soap and special prosthetic pellets are the best allies for the cleaning and maintenance of dentures made of resin or acrylic material.

However, many patients find it tempting to use other types of products that are not recommended.

For example, you should not use products such as bleach , because, despite having disinfectant properties, it is very harmful to the dental prosthesis because it is abrasive and discolored.

The same happens with bicarbonate or hydrogen peroxide , which although they have a harmless appearance, are also very harmful.

And finally, you should not use toothpaste either . Its use is beneficial for the hygiene of our teeth and gums but it is also very abrasive for the teeth of “removes and puts”, although it does not seem it.

All the mentioned products have in common that, being abrasive, they create roughness in the dental prosthesis, which causes leakage and dyes.

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