Cost Saving and Privacy Enhancing Window Shutters

Cost Saving and Privacy Enhancing Window Shutters


When you consider window dressings, curtains and blinds are popular choices but please don’t forget another exceptional option: window shutters. If you wish to decrease noise disturbance, increase energy efficiency, privacy levels and security in a stylish yet functional way, a window shutter installation offers the perfect space saving solution.

There is a wide range of styles, colours and finishes at all budget levels so there truly is a window shutter for everyone in a commercial or domestic setting.

A primary benefit with window shutters is the cost savings. The initial outlay for installation is repaid over time by the performance levels which reduce energy usage. states that approximately 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through windows so having the most appropriate solution is essential.

75% of window dressings remain in the same position throughout a day so the adoption of window shutters ensures good temperature and sunlight control alongside financial benefits from increased heat shielding or insulation, dependant on conditions.

The relentless sound of traffic on the road or revellers on the way home from the local pub can be minimalised with window shutters more successfully than with another option.

Privacy levels and noise reduction vary with each style of blind and the amount of daylight required should be factored in to selection. Your choices include:

Tracked shutters

The shutters contract like a concertina and feature full height panels on runners. Sophisticated, space and energy efficient, these are always popular with clients.

Tier on tier shutters

These window shutter installations feature two sets of panels, one set above the other so that they are layered. Each tier can be operated independently and simply.

Plantation shutters

Full height shutters cover the entire window area, but they frequently feature a divider rail so that part of the window shutter can be left open and the other section closed, as desired.

Café style shutters

Enjoy a continental feeling with this style. Café window shutters are most suitable for installation in spaces which are not overlooked because they conceal only the lower section of a window. They are less expensive than plantation shutters but allow more heat to escape and less relief from sunlight through the year.

Solid panel shutters

These solid window shutter installations provide outstanding insulation and shield rooms from the heat efficiently.

Always use a specialist; this is not a DIY task

Window shutter installations require skill, expertise and experience to guarantee optimum performance levels and minimal issues post installation.

When you choose expertly crafted, made to measure window shutters from an industry leader, why would you take a short cut with the installation? Professionals offer warranties and peace of mind.

Who to contact

Smart Blinds has showrooms in Thatcham and Caversham. It is a family run enterprise with over twenty years of trading experience and a reputation for quality and affordability. Their customers enjoy free measuring and fitting, exceptional customer service and knowledge levels which make the process a positive one.

They’d be delighted to add you to their list of satisfied clients.

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