Five Tips to Help You Hire the Right Law Firm

Five Tips to Help You Hire the Right Law Firm


There are many matters in life that require the services of a lawyer. If you buy a house, get a divorce, write a will, or plan to sue someone, you will need the help of a solicitor. These tips can help you select a law firm for your legal needs.

Choose the Right Type

When selecting a solicitor, you will need to hire one who specialises in the type of law for which you need help. If you’re getting a divorce, you will need a family law solicitor; if you’re buying a house, the solicitor should be well versed in conveyancing and real estate law. Since you may have many legal needs throughout your life, you should consider hiring solicitors from a law firm that offers several specialities.

Find Someone Local

Although there are national and international firms in many larger cities, if you’re hiring a solicitor about a real estate transaction or personal needs such as a divorce or will, you should look for local lawyers. They will be familiar with the local courts, including the other lawyers and judges who may be involved with matters in which you’re also involved. This is especially important for real estate matters such as conveyancing because the lawyer will be familiar with local regulations that may affect your transaction.

Check Their Credentials

Verify the credentials of the solicitors in a law firm that you might hire. Make sure that they obtained law degrees and have experience in their fields of law. Check with organisations such as The Law Society to find out if there are any complaints against the firms or solicitors that you’re considering. Researching their backgrounds can help you avoid unscrupulous lawyers who are only interested in making money instead of helping people.

Schedule Consultations

Many solicitors in Yorkshire offer potential clients free consultations to discuss their legal matters. However, you can use the consultations to meet the lawyers of a firm that you’re considering retaining for your legal needs. Prepare questions for the consultation and don’t be afraid to ask them since it can be expensive to hire a solicitor and you will want someone with whom you feel free to ask questions and add input on legal matters.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Although most people think that bigger is better when it comes to professions such as the law, the size of a firm shouldn’t be a deciding factor. You can get good representation from a small firm just as much as a large one if you do your due diligence when researching local firms. Also, choosing larger law firms may mean that their retainers are higher because they have higher overhead costs.

These five tips can help you find a quality law firm to represent your best interests in legal matters.

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