Are you flying from Bangalore to Dubai? Use these expert tips from Frugal Travellers, to land the best Deal!

Use these expert tips from Frugal Travellers, to land the best Deal


Planning a vacation to the shopping capital of the world from Bangalore? Check out these top 5 tips to land the best deals on your flight tickets to Dubai.

Back in the early, dark ages of air travel, people flying out of Bangalore to Dubai didn’t have much of a choice when it came to choosing the airline or the fares they paid for the tickets. They had to ring up their travel agent and shell out the required amount.

But, enter the era of online booking and myriad travel apps. Travellers today are truly spoilt for choice. With low-cost carriers announcing amazing deals to luxury liners offering amenities on par with that of a 5-star restaurant, the options are quite staggering.

Competition is pretty high these days. And, that’s good news for those looking for Bangalore to Dubai Flights. With so many offers going around, how do you ensure that you’re getting the best deal?

Here, in this post, you can find expert tips from frugal travellers. Save money on your flight tickets, so that you can shop till you drop at Dubai, the paradise for shopaholics.

  1. Flight prices aren’t everything

Just because you have booked a flight at the cheapest fare doesn’t mean you have availed the best deal. Cheap tickets usually equate to long layovers, limited seat options, inability to cancel/change or request a refund, and spending a fortune on baggage fees.

So, instead of just choosing the cheapest option, look at these other factors before you book a ticket to Dubai.

  1. Flexibility = Savings

Unless you’re a business traveller heading to a conference or meet in Dubai, try to be flexible with your travel dates. Sometimes skipping a few days can earn you thousands of rupees in savings.

  1. Be aware of the Highs and Lows

Just like hotels, airlines have their peak and low seasons. Avoid travelling on weekends (Friday and Saturday at Dubai and not Saturday and Sunday), national holidays to get the best deals. Remember that prices are likely to drop only when the demands are low, and this happens mostly during the off-seasons. While checking holidays, make sure to factor in the national holidays of Dubai as well as India.

  1. Timing is Everything

If you can travel only during a peak period, then it makes sense to book your flight tickets in advance. One reason to book early is to beat the crowds. Another reason is that the airline wouldn’t have received much traffic for these particular days, so ahead of time. Thus, the fares are likely to be low. As you get closer to the holiday date, you can expect a surge in prices, and it becomes increasingly difficult to land the best deals.

  1. Frequent Flier Programs

Signing up for a particular frequent flier programme is an excellent way to land the best flight deals. For instance, if you plan to fly to Dubai on Lufthansa, then make sure you sign up for Miles and More, the frequent flier programme of Lufthansa.

Apart from earning miles on all flights you take, you get exclusive access to deals, offers, and promotions that are only available for members.

Landing the best deals for your flight to Dubai isn’t as difficult as spotting a unicorn. Make use of the following tips to book flight tickets at the best price. Additionally, keep an eye out for seasonal offers and promotions. Sign up for the newsletters of different airlines to stay updated and to be the first to know.

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