Best tips for renting a home

Best tips for renting a home


In order to fight fraud, in recent months the fotocasa website has carried out a series of improvements in favor of security, such as the option to validate the phone . However, it does not hurt to take certain precautions before signing any contract to avoid future headaches. Some of these are:

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Know the rental price of the area

The bargains exist, but first you should be suspicious of those ads that are well below the average price in the area . For this reason, when looking for a rental property it is important to check the price of other properties with similar characteristics in the same neighborhood.

Consult the Land Registry

Another way to verify that the person who claims to be the owner of the house is the true owner, by requesting the information in the Property Registry.

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It is a simple procedure that can be carried out online asking for a simple note that provides brief and concise information – on paper – about the legal situation of a property (brief description, owner and charges, if any).

Formalize face-to-face treatment

One of the most typical cases of fraud occurs when the false landlord claims to be abroad and, for this reason, cannot show the apartment. One way to avoid this is to always meet face to face to see the apartment and sign the contract , either with the owner, the property manager or the real estate agent.

Not paying the rent before visiting the apartment

Never, under any circumstances, should you give an advance before visiting the apartment, in a hurry to rent that the advertiser shows. If you did, you could find that you have rented the apartment in different conditions than you thought or that the property in question does not even exist. Therefore, you should not give money or sign the contract without first checking the condition of the property, the location, the number of rooms, if there are any damages or if you have registered supplies, among other things.

Written rental agreement

Whenever a deal is closed with someone, it must be recorded in writing. Words are blown away by the wind and, in the event of a problem, loud agreements cannot demonstrate the agreed conditions or breach of contract.

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Therefore, it is essential that the conditions of the contract are reflected in writing and that each of the parties involved keep a signed copy on all its pages. It is best to use a model contract .

Review the rental agreement

Before signing you must read the conditions of the contract well: you must be clear about the monthly rent, the duration of the contract, the expenses to be paid by each of the parties, who is responsible for the maintenance of the home … If not agree, try to negotiate .

Know the rights of the tenant

The best way to avoid unfair terms is to know in advance your rights and obligations as a tenant . Although it seems an insignificant detail, sometimes there have been circumstances in which a tenant has rented a house in a community with a pool but without having the right to it. For this reason, before signing any paper, it is important that you clarify the rights that would correspond to you as a tenant and that these are specifically stated in the contract.

Security deposit

By law , it is mandatory that the landlord deposit the deposit requested from the tenant in the corresponding autonomous body, but there are some that do not. This is an important point that could mean the loss of the deposit for the tenant and the impossibility of deducting the rent from the rent. In addition, it is important that you know that the amount that you as a tenant give to the landlord as a deposit should not exceed the equivalent of three months rent. However, be that as it may, it is essential to keep the receipt of any payment that is made.