8 Tips to lower the value of your car insurance

8 Tips to lower the value of your car insurance


Buying a car itself is an expensive affair and buying insurance adds to the load on your pocket. Also, the cost of car insurance is increasing constantly. With the increasing number of cars on the streets, the need for car insurance has also risen. Companies are offering a variety of plans with different features. However, every insurer would like you to go for a bigger plan with multiple benefits and higher costs and give him/her the biggest business. You can browse for the best car insurance policies and compare the plans and rates from different providers. However, this research is easier said than done. Fancy and attractive packages and added features offered by the insurer often make it difficult to buy the most suitable car insurance plan at the most honest pricing. Here are some tips to make your task easier and help you find the best car insurance at the lowest price.

Research and compare

Look over the Internet and also talk to the providers in your local market. This can help you understand some minute or technical features of the insurance plan that are not clearly understood with the online literature. Consider trade-off between the plans and providers at various points before taking your call.

Look for flexible plans

Almost all insurance providers tend to offer you preset insurance plans and packages. These have pre-defined benefits, some of which may not be suitable for you. You can ask for flexible plans which give you the liberty to choose the benefits you would like to include and leave the rest.

Be careful about the deductibles

Deductibles are the amounts that you volunteer to pay out-of-pocket. These amounts can significantly reduce the premium you need to pay at each interval. Choose the deductibles wise so that you can play them comfortably and get your premium cost reduced.

Avoid unnecessary frills

Insurers also present to you several add-ons saying that these would make minor increases in the cost of the plan. However, these can prove to be expensive later. Make sure that you do not add any frill without necessity.

Buy more than one coverages from the same provider

It is a smart idea to buy homeowner coverage from the same insurer from whom you are buying your car insurance. If you have more than one vehicle, get the insurance for all of them from the same provider. In such cases, insurers are likely to give good discounts and a reduction in the cost of plans.

Keep your credit score good

We should work on your credit history and create a solid background. Insurers would check your payment history, current and paid debts, etc. Often people with good credit scores get car insurance easily and affordably.

Talk to your employer about the group insurance

Insurance companies provide group insurances at very concessional rates. These are taken by organizations, offices, businesses, etc for their employees. You can ask your employer about group car insurance. If they provide such a facility, you can get your car insurance at a much lower price.

Maintain a good driving history

If you have not received any receipt for careless driving or accident in the past, you have a higher probability of getting cheaper car insurance. Your driving history and driving activities have a considerable impact on the cost of the insurance plan.