5 Reasons Why Travel Insurance Is Important

5 Reasons Why Travel Insurance Is Important


The idea behind traveling is to experience new things and build memories out of it. When it comes to travel abroad it adds more excitement. The exotic locations, magnificent landscapes, snowy mountains, authentic local cuisine all fascinate travellers to plan overseas trips. But, despite being so developed and advanced foreign countries are also not immune to infections, allergies, fever, accidents, injuries, loss, and theft.

 Whether you are traveling abroad for the first time or a seasoned traveller, you need an umbrella of overseas travel insurance that keeps you protected from all the travel risks. It not only covers your medical and non-medical emergency expenses but also supports you in a financial crunch when you are on foreign land.

Why is Travel Insurance Important?

Therefore, travel insurance has become imperative, read below these most important five reasons why travel insurance is important.

Immediate Cashless Hospitalization

International travel insurance provides you the facility of immediate cashless hospitalization during any medical emergency. You can also get the reimbursement for all the treatment-related costs that you may incur for in and out-patient treatment.

You have to inform the insurance desk in the hospital and submit the copies of the bills with diagnosis to start your treatment immediately.

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Cover Medical Exigencies

You are more vulnerable to medical emergencies such as high fever, food allergies, skin allergies, infection, accidents, and injuries when you travel to foreign countries. Under travel insurance, you can go for immediate hospitalization, surgery, dental treatment, medical evacuation, or you can also get the reimbursement for all the expenses up to the sum insured for such medical exigencies.

Trip Delays/Cancellation

If by any chance, your trip gets delay or canceled, then you do not need to worry about the money that you have already spent. Your travel insurance covers all such expenses and you get the reimbursement up to the sum insured. You have to get a written confirmation from your travel agents about delays or cancellations for consecutive hours and inform your insurance company about this delay.

This benefit of travel insurance can save you from overburdening your pocket.

Loss or Delay of Checked-in Baggage

If you encounter one of the most common airline mistakes that are loss or delay of your checked-in baggage, then you can relax. You do not need to panic if you have travel insurance. You get the compensation up to the sum insured if your checked-in baggage is missing for more than the specified consecutive hours.

Under your travel insurance, you are also entitled to claim for reimbursement of the expenses that you may incur during your stretch due to loss or delay.

Cover Non-Medical Emergency

Your travel insurance not only bears your emergency medical expenses but also covers non-medical exigency expenses. For instance, if you need immediate medical evacuation, all the expenses will be borne by your travel insurance company. You can also get the up-gradation to business class from economy if you have to go back to your home country for further treatment.

2-way compassionate visit, bail bond, personal liability, and obtaining a duplicate copy of lost passport are some other non-medical benefits of travel insurance.


So, if you are traveling to a foreign country without travel insurance consequences can be devastating. Whether, mandatory or not it’s always wise to opt for a comprehensive travel insurance plan after comparing travel insurance plans online.

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International travel insurance works as a safeguard so that you can explore the world fearlessly.