Why Gamers and Streamers Love CenturyLink Internet

CenturyLink Internet


CenturyLink is among the top fiber internet providers in the US with wide network coverage in 16 states. It’s used by everyone from shops and businesses and apartments and smart homes, but it’s particularly a favorite choice among streamers and gamers.

CenturyLink offers download speeds ranging from 100 to 940 Mbps with its fiber network. It also focuses on other features that are important to the average user, but gamers and streamers are more passionate about these features. Here’s why streamers and gamers love CenturyLink Internet.

High Upload Speed

Most people don’t care much about the upload speed of their connection. Most of the time, we’re frustrated by slow download speeds, not upload speeds. This is why most ISPs limit the upload bandwidth of internet connections to somewhere around 10 Mbps.

But upload speeds are immensely important to streamers and gamers. While streaming, they’re uploading video to the server. The quality of this video depends on the upload speed and their success as steamers depends on the quality. They can’t do it with a low upload speed.

Fiber-optic cables have very high bandwidth, which is why CenturyLink doesn’t limit upload speed. For CenturyLink Fiber Internet, the maximum upload speed and download speed are both 940 Mbps. Gamers and streamers can stream in 4K without dropping a frame.

Upload speed is becoming more important to general users too. For instance, people who work from home need a good upload speed to attend online conferences without lag. Smart homes also need high upload speed to upload security camera footage to the cloud. CenturyLink is an excellent ISP for these applications.

Low Latency

Latency is the amount of time it takes a data packet to travel between a device and a service. Streamers need to have low latency to avoid any lagging and to playback the steam with low delay. Gamers also need low latency (or ping) in competitive games to respond to enemy moves more swiftly.

Latency depends on many factors such as the distance between the server and the device, whether a VPN is turned on, network traffic, type of network, and type of connection. If you’re careful about latency, you probably have a Wi-Fi 6 or a gaming router or you’ve connected your computer directly to the router via Ethernet. This only lowers latency at your end, as the other factors are still there.

Fiber Internet is the best way to lower latency caused by factors related to the ISP’s network. Fiber-optic cables have high bandwidth and a low error rate. These factors ensure that your data packets reach the server without any obstacles. Fiber-optic signals also travel faster than electronic signals, which reduces the time it takes to reach the server and lowers latency.

High Network Uptime

Network uptime is a measure of the availability of a network. A network uptime of 99% means that the network is expected to be available 99% of the time in the following year. Network uptime tells you the duration and frequency of network errors and leaves you disconnected.

Downtime can be quite costly for steamers and games, especially if the network goes down in the middle of a stream or gameplay. High uptime is also important for people who work from home, and the rest of us to be honest.

CenturyLink Internet Plans have a network uptime of 99.9%, which is as high as residential internet gets. This is less than two minutes of downtime per 24 hours.

Reliable Speeds at Peak Times

Most people in the US use most of their data in the peak hours between 7-11 PM. When a lot of people are using the same network, it can lead to network congestion. ISPs employ a process called throttling in which they lower the bandwidth for everyone to avoid congestion. As a result, you get the lowest internet speed when you get home from work while it’s high the entire time you’re not using it.

CenturyLink uses a fiber network, which is far less prone to congestion due to its higher bandwidth than coaxial networks. This means CenturyLink doesn’t have to throttle internet speeds. Gamers and streamers enjoy high speeds even at peak usage times.

No Overage Charges

Both gamers and streamers use a lot of data. Games can be quite heavy and streaming video with live playback requires a high data rate. Some ISPs have data caps in place and they charge high overage fees if you use data after you run out. CenturyLink has no such data limits or overage fees, you can use as much data in a month as you want with no penalty.

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