What Is Data Mirroring In Cloud Hosting?

Data Mirroring In Cloud Hosting


Web hosting services are available in different types and configurations to suit the requirements of different websites. While Shared Hosting is the most affordable service and Dedicated Servers offer maximum control, Cloud Web Hosting has gained popularity as being a reliable and highly secure hosting service.

The following video explains three ways in which Cloud Hosting secures your data:

Among other features, one of the most unique aspects of a Cloud Hosting service is data mirroring. Today, we will talk about data mirroring in Cloud Hosting and look at the benefits it offers to websites on Cloud hosting platforms.

In Cloud Hosting, the site resides on a shared web server supported by a powerful cloud network. Hence, the server can leverage the benefits of the cloud network and offer certain advantages to websites hosted on the cloud.

What is Data Mirroring?

Data mirroring is having the mirror image of data at one or multiple locations. Hence, it is constantly copied from one location to another. The cloud network backing the server in Cloud Website Hosting has multiple virtual servers forming the network. The hosting service is designed in a manner that every virtual server can work independently and as a backup for other virtual servers on the network. For the Cloud Host to offer this facility, two things are important:

  1. All virtual servers must have the same configuration
  2. Data on all virtual servers must be the same at all times

By the virtue of its design, a cloud storage network has multiple virtual servers having the same configuration. For the second part, Cloud Hosting providers ensure that your site’s data is mirrored or copied across all virtual servers on the cloud network. Hence, when a user visits your website, the server closest to him processes the request resulting in a faster loading time. Also, if one virtual server faces a problem, another can step in instantly and ensure uninterrupted services.

Data mirroring is one of the most unique features offered by Cloud Hosting. It allows cloud hosts to offer the following benefits to site owners:

Fewer Performance Glitches

Web hosting is a technical process and requires the server, network, and infrastructure to work seamlessly to offer uninterrupted services. However, these things are susceptible to glitches and crashes and can impact your site’s performance. With data mirroring, the site’s data is mirrored across multiple servers on the cloud network. Hence, if one server faces a glitch or crashes, other steps in within no time ensuring seamless site services.

Better Site Speed

Websites no longer attract people from specific cities or countries. Digitization has evolved making the world a single marketplace. Hence, websites receive visitors from around the globe. With physical server-based web hosting, a visitor from a geographically distant location can experience slower loading times. With Cloud Hosting, this is not an issue since the cloud network is typically spread across the globe and its architecture ensures that a server closest to the user processes the request. Since all servers have mirrored data, this is possible and helps offer better site speed.

Summing Up

Data mirroring is a feature that makes Cloud Hosting better than most traditional hosting types. It ensures that you have an army of servers supporting your site without having to spend a lot. Without a single point of failure, Cloud Hosting is one of the most reliable hosting services available.