Tips to Choose Contemporary Chandeliers That Reveal Your Personal Style

Tips to Choose Contemporary Chandeliers That Reveal Your Personal Style


For ages chandeliers radiated with elegance and luxury. It was expensive to light multiple candles in a single room. Only wealthy people could afford it. Early chandeliers adorned halls of the rich and churches. They continued to become elaborate and ornate as production techniques and materials improved. The lighting standard evolved from light to gas to electricity.

Even today they are expensive and reveal a status symbol. You get a chance to reveal your personal style choosing a dramatic chandelier for your space. You can visit to browse through the categories of contemporary chandeliers. The online store offers 30 days trial, and if you don’t like the product, then you get a full refund.

Tips to choose an ideal chandelier style

Tiered crystal chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers are dramatic, but make a subtle impact if fixed in the right room. Today, you will come across tiered crystal chandeliers in multiple styles, shapes, and sizes. It is a great alternative for the dining room and entryway. You will need to consider the height needed in the space to determine the number of tiers and the right amount of light.

Drum chandeliers

It is a blend of traditional and modern style, where a mask covers the real lighting elements. Crystals that hang below refract the light creating a feel of real drama. A drum chandelier with dark or opaque shade is a great choice for cozy spaces like a library or dining room. For larger space choose a more translucent shade, which allows light to pass through and create the soft lighting effect.

Rustic chandeliers

In rustic chandeliers, natural elements like metal, wood, and antlers get used. Animal or nature-based materials offer the effect of a hunting lodge. It is a great option for a lakeside retreat or a cabin.

Modern chandeliers

Modern chandeliers are a blend of different styles. They are more sculptural and use different materials. For example, the traditional crystal chandelier had bent symmetrical arms. They get replaced with naturally shaped metal in an asymmetrical arrangement.

Mid-century contemporary lighting

In mid-century, the lighting got personified with bold and striking designs. The midcentury chandeliers had names like Miracle, Atomic, and Sputnik.

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These fixtures have metal finishes like brass and bronze. These minimalist modern designs are a great choice for a large space or open loft. It adds aesthetic and functionality to a space that needs a large lighting component.

Glam lighting

If you adore glass, gold, and glitz, then you will like glam lighting fixtures. They add shine and sparkle, which cannot get ignored. Your guests may feel they entered into the Ritz, especially when they see their reflection in the mirrored brass or bronze.

Bohemian Eclectic lighting

With all the mystic of hand-woven, fringed, and beaded fixtures you can illuminate an ideal freethinking space. This organic lighting style highlights a real bond with Mother Nature.

Good lighting guidelines

  • Consider every light available in the space even the daylight. Choose a chandelier or pendant fixture to complement instead of competing them.
  • Choose a fixture, whose design offers a balanced visual and light.
  • Lighting affects people’s moods, so select a functional chandelier. [look for the dimmer feature].