Things to do before you start your webinar

Things to do before you start your webinar


So, you have planned your webinar and are waiting for the day so that you can take the things live. But wait! Have you done the following checks? Well, you might have spent some time looking for top notch platforms and finding onstream webinars competitors or taking a peek at the webinar ignition alternatives. However, selecting the right platform is not enough. There are many other things you need to do and following are certain things that will help you.

Get a wingman

Have you ever conducted a webinar before? Well, there are times when you are presented with questions like ‘I can’t see this in my browser’ or the ‘option is not available for me.’ These are irritating and in the middle of a presentation when you are asked to deal with these they surely are very troublesome. Therefore, having a wingman is always a great idea. If possible, ask a colleague or a co-worker to act as the assistant behind the scenes for you and deal with such issues.

Back up plan matters

You seemed to have checked each and everything and it is working fine. But what if something goes wrong on the day of live recording? Well, it would be unwanted and the delay in your presentation will make things tough for you. Thus, always have a backup plan because anything can happen at any time. Know beforehand that if any issue arise you should be able to work around it.

Prepare the bios

Whether it is only you are a group of panelists that will soon join you on the webinar, you should have the bios prepared. Talk to the attendees about the individuals that are around, giving them presentations. Introduce them appropriately as this will have a decent impact on the audience and they will be more attentive to what is being told.

Get your computer ready

Start preparing your computer the day you are going to conduct webinar. Turn off the applications that impact bandwidth and will soak your computer’s internet speed. Moreover, don’t forget to turn off the programs which take a lot of resource from your CPU. Pause the sync for your drives and cloud storages such as Dropbox and Google Drive before you sit down to attend the webinar.

Stop notifications and noisy gadgets

Getting sounds from your devices between the live recording, from notifications and phone calls, is usually irritating for both the presenter as well as for the audience. Therefore, you should turn off all the notifications and put your phone and any other noisy gadget to silent mode as you begin your webinar recording.

Prepare your work area

And lastly, don’t forget to prepare your work area. Keep the kids and pets out till the time you are conducting the webinar and don’t forget to have all the resources aligned and at a place. Have your documents and scripts on your table and maybe a bottle of water would be handy. Also, try to minimize the shuffling of paper and turning pages to reduce distractions.

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