Playing the fantasy kabaddi game online

Playing the fantasy kabaddi game online


Indians commonly play kabaddi on the ground. Kabaddi is considered, a national game and is played throughout the nation. They enjoy playing this game on the ground as they can push the rivals back into their boundaries. Many Indian aspire to become kabaddi players and so they can practice playing kabaddi on the ground. This game normally consists of two teams. The two players draw boundaries for each team. When the members from the other team infiltrate through the boundaries, then they try to push the member back to his/her boundary. The member from the other team who has infiltrated tries to defend himself and if he is able to successfully push the person and if the member falls down on the ground, then he gets a point. So, this game is played online and a person can enjoy playing this game online with fictional players. A person can play fantasy kabaddi online by managing two teams.

What is fantasy kabaddi?

It is an online platform to choose several players and form teams. They can find comprehensive information about the players. So, their performances are compared to each other. They should try to beat the opponent with a margin and they can gain the most. The online players should choose the opponents wisely. It is a game that can be played by the spectators also. They can earn money playing this game. It is a platform to create virtual team members. In this game, they should select 7 players that consist of raiders, defenders and all-rounder.

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People get involved playing this game online as it contains attractive graphics and lovely animated pictures. This game is fully legalized in India and the members can win cash playing this game online. But, they should pay certain amount of taxes.

To play the game online, they should follow some rules and regulations. They should just register to the account and select the match. Then, they should create a team of 9 squads and choose different players such as star players, captains, factors, defenders, all-rounder’s etc. Then, the live match begins and they should choose the fantasy squad to win points. The players can earn points on the basis of actual performance and final points, rankings that are declared at the end of the match.

They can earn unlimited game and earn money for a lifetime.

How to play the game?

They should play the kabaddi game with a squad of 9 players. Their team members consist of raiders, all-rounder, defenders, star players, captains, squad, Z factor, etc. They are allocated with gems for completing 1000 points. They can choose 2 to 3 raiders and 2 or 3 all-rounders. The online players can choose 3 to 5 defenders and one star player. The player should manage the team of 9 players who are competing with each other.

Rules of the game

The players should understand the pattern of winning the game and some aspects of the game such as attacking, defending and bonus. They get certain points for scoring attacks. The player gets touch points when each player touches. The player gets bonus points for crossing the bonus line every time. They earn 2 points for super raids. For crossing the bonus line, they earn certain bonus points. They earn points for defending also. For every tackle, they earn 4 points. For super tackle, they earn 6 points.

How they earn points?

The members also earn bonus points in decimals. The players will receive 4 points to become a part of the game. If the player is substituted, the player earns 2 points. They also earn extra 2 points for being a part of player VII. They can provide green cards or red cards for the players and deduct some points. They provide data for every reliable source.

They can use the sports knowledge to earn some cash prizes or assured bonuses. They can also win some awesome bonuses. To play the game, the online player should select a team of online raiders. They should choose minimum 2 raiders or maximum 3 raiders. Out of the raiders, one is the star captain or star player.

Then, they should select a team of defenders also. They should create a team of minimum 3 or maximum 5 defenders. They should select some defenders depending upon the matches that are conducted. The line-up is sometimes stronger, and then they should select fewer defenders. They can select more defenders if the lineup is still stronger. They should select 2 defenders from the team. The player should select the defender who has an attacking record.

Selecting a team of players

Then, they should select a team of all-rounder. They should select minimum 2 to 3 players for all-rounder. They should select the main players and the match. The players should select the players by viewing the previous records. They should not select the all-rounder from the team. They should only select one all-rounder from the team.

A person can play a fantasy kabaddi online by downloading the kabaddi app. They can learn the techniques of playing and winning the kabaddi game. Then, they can select the match and then create dreams. They can join free and win cash contests.

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The players should select star players, captains and the players get certain points and they can choose it wisely. They should select a raider for a star player and the captain scores the highest points in the match. They can select the best defenders as captains. They should not preferably select defenders as the star players. But, they can select the defenders as captains. The players should select the captain players and star players from the team as the chances of winning for both the teams are great.

People can win attractive prizes, playing the online fantasy kabaddi game and hence they should download the kabaddi app.

It is a thrilling experience for the kabaddi fans and it is globally popular today because anybody can play it online. They can win the free contest and learn team-building skills.