Make The Loft Accessible With Various Loft Ladder Ideas

loft ladder ideas


Owners who have a basement or a loft in their house are truly blessed. These spaces are much necessary for various purpose, but are often neglected or cannot be used at all because no one can reach them. That is why one need to explore various loft ladder ideas. Loft ladders can become the much needed accessibility tool that makes it easier for everyone to reach these places and put them to various use. In the absence of loft ladders, these spaces which can be treated as storage areas, or a library, in-house office and much more, are just left to rot. If any homeowner can use these spaces, then that goes a long way in adding value to the property. A homeowner will be able to reap the benefits of installing a loft ladder today if they intend to sell the house in the future. Properties need to see valuable add-on with time. Renovation or remodeling helps to better the property. Loft ladder is one of those fewer steps.

All that being said, few homeowners are often not convinced whether to go forward with the decision or not. They are in two minds whether they need to install a permanent loft ladder, or just any other ladder will do? Experts in loft ladder installation are of the opinion that if there is no fixed staircase to access the loft, then it is wise to invest in a loft ladder. The high to reach spaces or the roof of the house will practically become negligible and there would be no maintenance at all. At the same time, it is also legally binding that the roof be accessible and if anyone’s house has more than three stories, then the access hatch has to be fire resistant for at least half hour. So, it is clear that there is no way out of the idea of installing a loft ladder.

How to know which loft ladder is required?

Every house has different requirements. Depending on how you would use the space, or for which purpose it is put to, depends on what loft ladder you will be investing in. If you need to access the loft every day, especially if it is being used as a living space, extra bedroom or study, then it is better to get a loft ladder that is strong, durable and firmly in place. However, if the loft is just being used as a storage space, and does not require to be used daily, then among the various loft ladder ideas, one can consider a folding loft ladder and hatch system.

Loft ladders, nowadays, are available in various colors and styles to fit the need of various clients. Just installing the loft ladder will not be sufficient. It has to meet the needs of the homeowner as well.

How to go about the installation process?

Once you have decided to invest in a loft ladder, then it is better not to take any chances. The loft ladder needs to be properly installed so that one does not meet with any accidents while using it. The market is flooded with options like loft stairs come with pre-fitted ladder, hatch and frame- all made-to-measure and ready for installation. It is again up to the user to decide whether the ladder will come with hand rails or flat bottomed sides and even the kind of steps.