Lowrance HOOK2 Fish Finder

Lowrance HOOK2 Fish Finder


In recent times, a massive degree of advancement has occurred in the fishing industry. Many devices have been developed around the world for improving the fishing experience of anglers. Among them, a fish finder can enhance your fishing experience with great success. With this piece of fishing equipment, you can do large scale fishing and also find the best fish finder under 500 dollars.

Choosing the right one is essential if you want to be more successful than others. But plenty of fish finders can surprise you with their features. You should not get confused, because we’ve come with an excellent solution for you. In this article, we are now going to talk about a great fish finding device. Hopefully, you will be able to make the right decision if you keep reading the entire article until the end.

Review of Lowrance HOOK2 5 – 5-inch Fish Finder

The Lowrance HOOK2 5 – 5-inch Fish Finder is one of the user-friendly fish finders ever you can find. This fish finder comes with phones-like menus and auto-tuning sonar system. These features provide you more time for fishing instead of dealing with settings. Besides, this fish finder comes with many useful features, so you should consider them before making any purchase.

Wider Sonar Coverage

This fish finder offers a wide-angle sonar that gives you a lot of coverage. It also comes with a complete TripleShot transducer, which provides you with DownScan sonar, SideScan sonar, and CHIRP sonar views. Besides, it offers basic navigation with GPS technology for allowing you to put in waypoints and follow trails.

Built-In Mapping

You will find built-in mapping while using this fish finder. The integrated mapping features 4,000 lakes with 1-foot contours so that you can narrow down your search for locating fish-holding structures. You can also find your favorite fishing spots with depth changes and roadbeds.

Easy to Setup and Use

This fantastic fish finder is easy to set up, so it features phone-like menus that give you plenty of time to fish. You can see that a single transducer is mounted on the trolling motor, or inside the hull. Besides, it is perfect for kayak fishing or small boat fishing with narrow space.

Additional Features

The fish finder comes with an SD card slot for software and mapping upgrades, future features, and third-party maps. It also delivers a high-resolution Solarmax display with excellent clarity and daylight visibility. So, you will get clear and crisp views of fish and fish-holding structure on the screen. A MicroSD card is included to save your waypoints, routes, and trails for upgrading your mapping.


  • Ensures wider sonar coverage
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Features triple-shot transducer
  • Comes with a GPS plotter
  • Includes SolarMax display, and memory slot


  • It may not be suitable for ice fishing


After all, the excellent fishfinder offers a lot of features that won’t disappoint you at all. It is not only perfect for small boats and inland fishing but also off-shore fishing if you equip it with more inclusive charts. You need not spend plenty of time to deal with its settings. Last but not least, it costs less than 500 dollars. So, if you pick this fish finder on your upcoming fishing trip, we think it can be a suitable option for you.