Ladders for Industrial and Domestic Usage – Different Variants

Ladders for Industrial and Domestic Usage – Different Variants


Visit the online portal ladders and you will find widest range of ladders as per requirement. The price range differs from one type to another. Ladder types differ as per the nature of job. Ladders are basically climbing tools used since the Stone Age. They are now considered to be essential tools for household as well industrial purpose. The emerging technologies have resulted in developing different types based on requirement. These days, there are different materials being used to manufacture these climbing tools. Wooden ladders are not preferred much in the industries. More popular are the steel, aluminum, and hard plastic ladders that ensure higher longevity.

Different types of ladders availability

There are four major types of ladders available. These are Fire Escape Ladder, A-Frame Ladder, Telescopic Ladder, and Platform Ladder by reflex equipment.

Fire Escape Ladder

This type of ladder is highly effective during situations that require emergency evacuation. Such a ladder is not used on a regular basis. This is basically a precautionary device rather than something that’s used on a regular basis.

A-Frame Ladder

This type of ladder is more commonly seen in homes. These domestic climbing ladders are perfect to reach the lofts or even hang the decors, clean the fan, and paint the high walls.  These ladders feature wider steps that offer great footing stability. These ladders also come with foldable storage units. They are affordable and provide the best elevation required to perform domestic tasks within the house boundaries.

Telescopic Ladder

Quite expensive, these are the most technologically advanced ladders available. The ladder by Equip2go can be segregated into different lengths to adjust the best height as per requirement. The height can go up to 20 feet, thus making it perfect to carry out outdoor functions. The presence of secure lock makes the ladder extra protective. A 6-foot telescopic ladder can cost somewhere around $200 USD.

 Platform Ladder 

This is the most popular variant for professionals. Be it electricians, decorators, or painters, this type is always considered to be the most effective climbing tool to be used by these professionals. This type of ladder also provides extra space for the workman to place the paint cans or other tools.  There are basically two different variants of this ladder. One type is slightly shorter and used for household purpose. Here the platform is being mounted on top of the ladder. Another type feature double ladders with platform being placed in between the two. This is used in the industries. Platform Ladders features the best collection of ladders at lowest rates.

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