Karnataka – India Honeymoon And Romantic Packages

Karnataka - India Honeymoon And Romantic Packages


There is no dearth of tourist places in Karnataka. It is the sixth-largest state in India and a beautiful place. If you are looking for India Honeymoon and Romantic Packages, this is the place to be. Moreover, there is so much to see in terms of forests, modern cities, temples, hilly ranges, and beaches. There are four zones – Northern Karnataka, Coastal regions,Hill Stations, and South Karnataka. Moreover, there are so many colors, cultures and flavors. There are varying landscapes in each part of the state. Each corner of Karnataka is different from the other.

A Honeymooner’s Guide To North Karnataka

The World Famous Heritage site Hampi is located in northern Karnataka. It was once the capital of the Vijayanagara Kingdom. You can find the 29-feet Narasimha statue in Hampi. It is much bigger than Rome, the foreigners say. There are various tour packages to Hampi. One of them is the Historical heritage tour. You can explore the empire with your better half. You can listen to stories about the wars and kings of the kingdom. It is today a UNESCO World Heritage site andincludes many ancient temples, basements of palaces, ancient market streets, treasury buildings, and more. The sacred center is the religious centre of Hampi. Apart from sightseeing, you will also learn about the origin of the city. Also, learn about the festivals and important monuments in Hampi. This place is included in the India Honeymoon and Romantic Packages.

Tourists are also availing of the Mythical Landscape Tour. There are various things that are combined into this tour, like sunrise hike, coracle ride, and some local sojourns. Moreover, tourists can explore the beautiful landscape riding mopeds. There are over 300 species of birds in Hampi. Furthermore, honeymooners can enjoy the coracle boat ride over the Tungabhadra river and explore the surroundings. One can also explore the Matunga Hills. You can also visit the village named Hanumanahalli. One can avail this destination as one of the India Honeymoon and Romantic Packages offerings.

Get on the Hampi Village tour and find more about the local life of the villagers. There are almost 29 villages that one can explore. Hampi is very often, referred to as a living heritage site. Meet farmers and see them grazing their cattle. You can also pick up some skills from the women doing handicrafts. Moreover, one can also witness the Durga Puja in the community temple. You can also learn about the local traditions and the folklore stories.

Coastal Karnataka -A Trip To Gokarna For Honeymooners

Gokarna, the temple and beach town in the North Kannada District of Karnataka is the next best alternative to Goa. The name does not strike a bell with many though. It is still one of the secluded holiday destinations in India, which is still unexplored. A trip to Gokarna is high on the list of Western travelers though who are wary of the high life of Goa.India Honeymoon and Romantic Packages are one of the best offerings today.

Firstly, ‘Gokarna,’ the name is as awe-inspiring as the place. Going back to mythology, Lord Brahma had sent Lord Shiva to ‘patal loka’ for penance. This was the place, where he came back to earth through the ears of a cow, thus the name ‘Gokarna’ meaning Cow’s ear. Gokarna has many temples and is a place of pilgrimage, housing temples of Lord Shiva and Lord Ganapati, the main deities of Hinduism. India Honeymoon and Romantic Packages will combine some of the best elements for the tour.

The temples that have made Gokarna a site for pilgrimage are:

Maha Ganapati Temple – Pilgrims first visit the Maha Ganapati temple and then head to the main temples. The shrine of Lord Ganapati here is made in black stone in a standing position and has two hands, instead of four. It is said that Lord Ganapati had saved the shrine of Lord Shiva from the hands of Ravana, thus finding a place of pride in the temple town, with a shrine and temple dedicated to him.

Bhadrakali Temple – houses the shrine of Goddess Uma, who after being betrayed by Ravana, was requested to reside in the temple by Lord Vishnu.

Mahabaleswar Temple – the most famous of all temples houses the original ‘Atmalingam’ of Lord Shiva. Thus giving the place the name of ‘Kashi of Southern India.’ Lord Shiva is the main Deity of the Temple town.

Venkatramana Temple – is also amongst the revered temples, where Lord Vishnu resides and it is said that Lord Vishnu keeps a watch on all temples and guards the town.

India Honeymoon and Romantic Packages includes Gokarna.Apart from being a site of pilgrimage, Gokarna is also being visited for the last decade or so, for its tranquil beaches, where life is not yet commercialized. There are mainly, five beaches in Gokarna – the main Gokarna beach, Om beach, Kudle beach, Paradise beach, Half- moon beach. All the beaches are interconnected and can be reached on foot. Its takes close to 7-8 hours to cover all the beaches. The beaches at Gokarna are less crowded and has a tranquility of its own, which has made it one of the most followed beach holiday destinations for foreigners and domestic travelers equally. Shacks and huts just like Goa line the beaches and provide accommodation and things of daily utility apart from food.

A trip to Gokarna is not complete without the activities, that one would generally try in other beach destinations, but at a heftier amount. Explore India Honeymoon and Romantic Packages.

The Beach destination offers the tourist many activities like:

Surfing – The quiet beaches in Gokarna are the best for the novice to the highly trained surfer. Institutes offer 1-day courses for beginners to 7-day courses for experts. So, do not miss a chance to ride high on the waves.

Yoga – Many Institutes teach yoga and there is no dearth of the same in this place in the lap of nature.

Snorkeling and Banana Boat ride – The coastal town offers many of these adventure activities at a much lesser price than its rich counterpart – Goa or the Andamans.

With the growing popularity of this destination, numerous hotels, holiday homes, homestays and resorts are mushrooming every year. However, a trip to Gokarna in peak seasons need to be well planned in advance to avoid being stranded without a place to stay, as the place is thronged by pilgrims and holidaymakers, alike

This beautiful beach town can be reached by various modes of transport. It is only 140 km away from Dabolim airport and 6km away from the Railhead Gokarna Road. The place can also be reached by bus from major cities in Karnataka.

Slowly, but surely this tranquil haven is making a mark on the tourism map of India. So, the next time while planning a holiday, do consider this place for its tranquility, quietness and solitude, which is a want for the city dwellers.India Honeymoon and Romantic Packages include these beautiful places.

A Tour To South Karnataka – Honeymoon Destinations

South Karnataka is a unique combination of temples which is reminiscent of Hoysala architectural forms. South Karnataka hasmany temples,with devotees from different corners of the world coming to visit the temples.The places, that honeymooners can visit are Horandu, Kalasa, Kolluru, and Udupi to name a few.

There national parks like Bandipur National Park, Nagarahole, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, and Bannerghatta national parks. These are a few popular places for jungle safaris on jeeps.The capital city of Bengaluru is also located in the southern region. Other places include Belur, Halebidu, Madikeri and Srirangapatnam. Thisis another attraction, the Hogenakkal Falls, also known as the smoking rocks, because of the mist emanating from them. At the bottom of the waterfalls, one can ride in a coracle boat through the waters. There are several places, forts, and botanical gardens in the southern part of Karnataka.

Hill Stations For Honeymooners in Karnataka

The topmost hill stations in Karnataka are Coorg, Madikeri and Nandi Hills. Coorg is a beautiful hill station and has rolling hills and slopes, all packaged into one. There is an old Tibetan settlement in Coorg that attracts Buddhists. There are various hotels and homestays that can give you a raw feel of the place. The Abbey Falls is worth a visit. You can also go river rafting with your better-half on the River Barapole. It is an experience, that both of you will remember.

Madikeri is also known as the King’s Seat. There are many forests and rice fields in the region. It is a beautiful hilly area in the Kodagu district of Karnataka. It is famous for its pork delicacies. There are waterfalls, temples, and forests, aplenty in the region.

Nandi Hills is also famous for its ancient forts. Moreover, it is a biker’s paradise. Trekkers often scale the hills in search of challenges. Amruth Sarovar is of particular interest in this hill station.

With so many different kinds of places to enjoy, Karnataka is one of the best India Honeymoon and Romantic Packages.