How to Survive Your First Day in the Military

some military quotes for inspiration


Military quotes inspire and motivate us – as civilians looking from the outside in, and as veterans remembering what it was like to be on the inside. Here are some military quotes for inspiration and tips about how to survive your first day in the military:

Be ready to learn on Day 1

The first day of a boot camp or basic training is all about learning how to do things differently than you did before entering service.

The goal is to make sure everyone knows how all of their equipment works so they can get going right away once they graduate from basic training or boot camp.

If you’re joining immediately after high school or college graduation, it’s likely that your new commander will have already given a brief explanation of what being an enlisted member requires and what standards are expected during training and beyond.

During this time, you’ll also want to take notes so that you can be prepared for your duties once you’re finished with basic training or boot camp.

Stay focused

The first day of boot camp is all about getting used to being around a bunch of strangers who are all going through the same thing as you. But after that, you’ll be spending most of your time doing something specific, like learning how to shoot guns or how to repair helicopters, so try not to get distracted by everything else going on around you.

Be sure to get lots of rest the night before

Be sure to get lots of rest the night before. Don’t stay up late, and try not to get too much caffeine or alcohol in your system, as it can make your body and mind more fatigued.

The next morning, rise early and prepare for the day. You’ll want to wear a shirt that doesn’t have any stains or holes, and pants without any tears or frays.

Your shoes should fit well and be comfortable, but you don’t need to spend a lot of money on them, just make sure they’re in good condition.

If you have glasses or contacts, wear them for the ceremony. You also want to bring along any prescription medications you take every day (just pack them in your carry-on bag).

If you’re required to bring anything else with you (like uniforms or other gear), make sure it’s clean and ready to go before leaving home.

Wear Your Uniform

The first thing you should do when you arrive at your military base is change into your PT uniform (for physical training) and boots. Your uniform is important because it identifies you as part of the military, and it’s required by regulation. Wearing it helps set the tone for your time in service.

Make Friends With Your Fellow New Recruits

You may be nervous about being so far away from home, but remember that there are other recruits like you who will be going through similar experiences as you are now. It’s a good idea to befriend them because they’ll help keep things fun by taking their minds off of their own worries. You might even form a lifelong friendship

Be prepared for anything

When you’re working with other people in a group setting (like during drill), it’s important that everyone knows what they’re supposed to be doing at all times so that things run smoothly and safely. Don’t forget to listen carefully when instructions are being given out because they could save your life one day. Read more funny stuff here.