Beneficial Tips to Choose Pearls Considering Its Overtone

Beneficial Tips to Choose Pearls Considering Its Overtone


Pearl overtones are the color seen on its surface when the light reflects on it. Pearls lustrous colors changes while seen from varied angles hence the base color of the pearls can’t be judged as its overtone.

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The different reflection of color on the surface of pearl marks it as a unique gemstone luring people to buy it. When light makes the pearls shine, it becomes prismatic thus appear magical. However, this quality of pearls can be only seen on high quality ones hence while grading pearls overtone of pearl play a great role.

While buying pearls online, make sure to buy from reliable sites like If you are buying from a retail jeweler showroom you need to always look whether its overtone is right along with other qualities determining its quality and price.

Here are few overtones usually seen along with pearls base color –

White color overtone

Usually, the overtone colors seen are cream, silver and rose. The intensity of pearls overtone depends upon its purity. Akoya pearls and South Sea pearls show all the overtones of white color pearls.

Overtones seen on black pearls

Tahitian pearls are cultured in the shores of French Polynesia. The pearls are usually dark grayish in color. However, some appear quite dark, thus are known as dazzling black pearls. The overtones seen on this pearls are blue green color of peacock and sometimes silver. You can even view the shining sky blue overtone or the color of eggplant on back shaded pearls.

Golden overtones

South Sea pearls appearing in gold color have overtones of bronze, rose, green or silver. The pearls with higher golden overtones are priced highly.

Pinkish pearls or champagne colored pearls

These pearls are rarely available, thus expensive. Their basic color is light shade of rose pink just like the color of champagne.

Mostly all pearls have silver overtone as they are quite lustrous and gives the glimpse of classic white. Akoya pearls are well known for its pinkish overtone and are highly favored by women of all age group. Some exclusive pearls ivory overtone can be seen giving an ethnic look to the pearls. The overtones of the pearls help in making the ornament look always bright and gorgeous.