7 Favorite Places In Dubai That Every Shopper Loves

7 Favorite Places In Dubai That Every Shopper Loves


Dubai is the mecca for shopaholics, and believe us, the world’s most expensive brands have a presence here. But if you are a deal seeker thendon’t let the budget tirades stop you here. From local gold souks to tax –free shopping avenues, Dubai is every shopper’s dream. And with frequent Mumbai to Dubai Flights, why wait?

Here is the list of 7geat places in Dubai:

  1. Dubai Mall – Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world with 5.9 million sq. feet housing 1200 merchandise shops, 120 cafes and restaurants, 22 theatre screens, aquarium, underwater zoo and indoor theme parks, and a luxury hotel. This mall has categorized shops in convenient clusters according to product for a shopper’s ease. From high fashion items to traditional Arabic jewelry and clothes, you can find almost everything here.
  2. Mall of the Emirates – It is another most talked about mall of Dubai that showcases 630 of the best brands in the world. This fashion dome consists of luxury and midscale brands only and houses indoor ski field as well as a cinema for entertainment. Relax and sprawl in lavish coffee shops and restaurants to fuel yourself.
  3. Deira Gold Souk – The glitter here will sparkle your eyes, with about 300 shops displaying tons of gold in intricate, traditional and modern designs. You can also find precious stone studded jewelry also but do not forget to bargain here to fetch the right price.Top 10 cheapest places to visit in Spain
  4. Bur Dubai Souk – This is the color fantasy market of Dubai. The walk-way here is donned with color filled fabric and textiles on both sides. From satin to silk, cashmere to wool, from Indian saris to pashminas, from Persian carpets to traditional Arabic dresses. You can order custom-fit dresses and personalized garments. You can also find reasonable souvenir shops here.
  5. Al Fahidi Street – This is the electronic hub, this place is the must-visit if you want to but laptops, home appliance, cell phones or cameras, etc. But this is not only why we have put this street on the list. This street gets a complete drape after the sunset and transforms into a night market. Shopping under neon light is an experience one must indulge in.
  6. Souk Madinat Jumeirah – If the traditional market is what impressed you, but you hated the sun, noise, and chaos of open market spaces, then the Souk Madinat Jumeirah is your go-to place. You can find Arabic products and style in handicrafts, jewelry and souvenirs. Do not forget to enjoy the local delicacies when visiting!
  7. Global Village – This is more like an exhibition center where marketers and producers around the world gather to showcase their products. The Global village is perfect for shopping and sampling cuisines of eastern and middle Asian countries, Africa and America primarily.

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