5 Types Of Cameras You Must Know

5 Types Of Cameras You Must Know


Security is vital in every type of premises be it home, office, school, college or public place. Earlier, the security was dependent on appointing dedicated security personnel or keeping a pet dog to deter crimes. Although these options are not reliable enough as a human cannot provide 24×7 security and dogs won’t be able to give a description of the burglars in case a crime takes place despite taking these measures. Thanks to the advanced technology that it has become easy to get a comprehensive solution for all security requirements.

One of the most popular security devices that you will come across all around you is Closed Circuit Television (CCTV). Be it deterring crimes, collecting proof against possible crime or monitoring activities, CCTV is one solution to fix the security issue. When you ask for a CCTV camera, there are various types of security cameras available and you must choose one that will suit your requirements. Here are the five most important types of CCTV cameras you must know about before deciding.

  1. Dome Camera – The dome cameras name is derived from its shape. Being in dome shape, these cameras are difficult to dodge as you can’t tell where exactly the camera is facing. You will find dome cameras in almost all retail stores and malls. Nowadays, most of the dome cameras come with infrared illuminators that capture clear footage even in low light. Dome cameras are designed to be installed on the ceiling and hence it is difficult to vandal them.
  2. Bullet Camera – Bullet cameras are too named after their peculiar shape resembling bullet that is long, cylindrical and tapered design. They are designed to cover a larger area and thus you will usually find them in outdoors like a parking lot, backyard and railway stations. It comes with a protective shield that makes vandalizing them difficult.
  3. Day-Night Camera – An ideal CCTV camera is one that can provide a clear image under all circumstances, only then the footage can be used as evidence. The Day-Night camera is one that captures efficiently under direct sunlight as well as in low-light at night. Such type of cameras come with a sensitive imaging chip instead of an infrared illuminator to capture a clear picture in the dark.
  4. High-Definition Camera – High-definition (HD) cameras are the ones that come with crystal clear quality. It is a type of camera that captures every minute detail. It allows you to zoom in and that too without pixelating the image. You will usually find these cameras installed at all premises with z-security like offices of senior government officials, casinos and banks.
  5. IP Camera – Merely installing a security system is not enough, it should be monitored time-to-time. Digitalization has made it possible to receive the information on your devices like mobile phone, laptop and tablets. The IP Camera transmits captured recordings directly to your mobile phone or other synced devices. This facility is available in both wired as well as non-wired devices. An IP camera is one of the most preferred cameras nowadays as it allows monitoring and is easier to install in comparison with an analogue camera. If you want an IP camera with a wider range, opt for Eurovigil I View IP 300 1mp that comes with 30 meters IR range.

New features get introduced as the technology keeps evolving. You will always have an array of options to choose from and selecting the right security camera is vital. Study all the options available well before zeroing on one.